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Raspberry Heaven

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Raspberry Heaven is a lighthearted narrative game published by Yaruki Zero Games and based loosely on Restless by J Walton.



The character sheet is completely blank, similar to the Blank Cards available on DriveThruRPG. To create a character, you'll need the character's name, archetype, description, and the 12 options in her Special Move.

Consider copying the Description from the character sheet onto the main Bio tab as well, so other players can see it.

Make sure to set the In Players' Journals to All Players. If you are playing fully GMless, set the Can Be Edited & Controlled By to All Players as well.


For the Scene cards, first use a graphics editing program such as Gimp to create images containing the text of your scenes, one image per scene. Create a deck of cards called Scenes and add each scene to the deck. Don't forget a card back!

You can set the size of the cards when you set up the deck. For readability, I recommend somewhere around 600x600 for the cards.

Make sure Show cards to players and Players can draw cards are both checked.

When it's time to start a new scene, show the deck of cards and drag/drop one card onto the tabletop. Play can now begin!

Advanced Setup

If you really want to get creative, set up a page for each potential location indicated in your scenes and drag the Player ribbon onto them after you draw the card. Note, though, that the card will stay on the original page. You can allow GMs to select specific cards in the deck settings, if you want to be able to draw the card and put it on the new page after moving.


Raspberry Heaven is a GMless game, so when you invite players, you can set them to be co-GMs. This will give them automatic access to change the Scene cards and character sheets.