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Scott C.

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Scott C. is creator of a number of API Scripts, and a Sheet Author.



  • Door Knocker -- Script helps quickly open and close doors by controlling the dynamic lighting lines. sourcecode
  • ShareVision -- Allows normal vision and darkvision to be shared between players.
  • Customizable Roll Listener - allows you to define custom reactions to various chat input and roll results. !crl to launch help menu.
  • EasyExperience - simple way to give characters xp at end of session, tracks levelup thresholds & notifies when a char have levelled. Comes with PF1E & D&D5E xp progressions, thresholds can be changed to use with other systems.
  • Menu Maker(Forum) - Script for generating Chat Menus
  • Page Navigator - A way to use a handout for managing & moving both players between pages, instead of using the Page Toolbar
    • there is some progress towards a v.3 that completely revamps & fixes the API
    • Page Navigator v2.X(Forum) - old thread (2018)