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API ScriptAuthor: Scott C.
Version: 1.5
Last Modified: 2017-04-18
Code: ShareVision
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

Main Page: API:Script Index

Let your players see each other around corners and through walls. Works for Legacy Dynamic Lighting.

Using the Script

​This script has no chat commands. To use the script simply add the Aura status marker to a token to share normal vision (based on available light) or the overdrive marker to share the token's light generation stats (useful for sharing DarkVision).

The normal vision share uses the default vision multiplier of 1 instead of the token's multiplier.


V0.1.5 update: 2017-04-18 fixes an error that prevented vision sharing from working properly if you had both the overdrive and aura markers on a token.

V0.1.4 update: Darkvision sharing was not working properly; changed the function so that having the aura marker active triggers the normal vision sharing. Activating the overdrive marker activates Darkvision sharing. Darkvision sharing overrides the normal vision sharing, so having both markers active results in Darkvision sharing (but not two children tokens being made).

Previous Version: I have updated the script so that you can now pass the light radius and dim radius of the parent token to the child token. This will not pass the "can all player's see light" status as that seemed redundant. This does allow you to share darkvision with the party if you so choose. In order to trigger this simply use the 'overdrive' status marker (1st status in the 4th row of markers, looks like a bladestorm) in addition to the 'aura' status marker . This will trigger the script to get the light radius and dim radius values from the parent. If only the 'aura' marker is active, it will function as before; if only the 'overdrive' marker is active, there is no effect. If you no longer want Darkvision to be shared, but still want normal vision shared you will need to remove both status markers and reapply only the 'aura' marker.

-Scott C.