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Script:Ars Magica 5e Stress Die

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API Script Author: Chris L.
Version: 1.0
Last Modified: 2016-5-26
Code: link
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: Unknown

This allows players to enter !st or !st , (_nomod version: !st or !st ) to roll a stress die with modifier and optional botch dice count .

Botch dice count defaults to 1 when used with one argument. The _nomod version is designed for users who want to add their modifier separately. Multiple botches are possible, and will be reported in the case of a botch.

Note that a result of 1 in the code corresponds to a result of zero in the text, and a 10 in the code is a 1 described in the corebook's text. This does not bias results, as both are special cases.

Only results of 2-9 actually keep their numeric value. A macro for a stress die--modified or otherwise--can be easily made with syntax similar to !st ?{Modifier|0}, ?{Botch Dice|1}