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Script:Conditions and Status Tracker

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API ScriptAuthor: Josh
Version: 1.8
Last Modified: 2014-01-15
Code: Conditions and Status Tracker
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

Conditions and Status Tracker tracks arbitrary statuses associated with tokens. Statuses may have a turn-limited duration, or may be permanent. Only the GM may modify what statuses exist on a given token, but depending on settings the status may be broadcast to all players.

The API commands !StatusAdd, !StatusDel, !StatusAll, and !StatusClearAll are used to manipulate what statuses are present.


!StatusAdd <status> <duration> <description> [GM only flag] [// marker]
!StatusDel <status>

S → !StatusAdd status duration description GMFlag marker
S → !StatusDel status
S → !StatusAll
S → !StatusClearAll
GMFlag → ε
GMFlag → GM
marker → ε
marker → // string

Parameter Values
status Name of the status to add. No spaces are allowed.
duration Number of turns the status lasts. Use -1 for permanent duration.
description Description of the status.
GM only flag Optional. GM is the only accepted value. If this flag is set, only the GM will be notified about this status.
marker Optional. Defines the statusmarker to set on the token representing this status.


There are several configuration variables near the top of the script. You may alter them to customize the script functionality:

  • StatusTracker.statusIndicator – Then default marker to use if marker is not supplied.
  • StatusTracker.Chat – Set to true to indicate the status in the chat window, or false otherwise.
  • StatusTracker.ChatDescriptions – Set to true to display the status descriptions, or false otherwise.
  • StatusTracker.ChatOnlyGM – If set to true, all chat messages will be sent to the GM regardless of the GM flag. Set to false to control statuses individually.
  • StatusTracker.currentTurn – Not customizable.
  • StatusTracker.bloodiedTintColor – Set to a hexadecimal color value in order to tint the token to the set color when bar1 is below half of its maximum. Set to "transparent" to disable this behavior.
  • StatusTracker.bloodiedMarker – Set to a statusmarker name in order to mark the token when bar1 is below half of its maximum. Set to "none" to disable this behavior.
  • StatusTracker.deadMarker – Set to a statusmarker name which indicates that the token is dead (bar1 is 0).
  • StatusTracker.statusIncidatorBG – Background style color for status chat messages.
  • StatusTracker.statusIndicatorFontColor – Foreground style color for status chat messages.


v1.8 (2014-01-15)

  • Release