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Script:Creature Gen

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API Script Author: Ken L.
Version: 1.31
Last Modified: 2015-3-03
Code: CreatureGen
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: Unknown

CreatureGen or 'CGen' is a script designed to transform PRD or D20PFSRD statistics blocks into a combat ready token for use in Pathfinder Roll20 games. It is loosely based in part on Peter W.'s script called CreateMob which was the inspiration for this script.

Artwork has been contributed by: Russ H. , Rhyannon, and Alan H. for the templates this script uses.

The script works in a menu like system where it simplifies the statblock from general creature abilities down to more specific abilities. This was done to quickly access abilities in the middle of combat as opposed to say navigating an entire character sheet.


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v1.31 (2015-09-19)

  • Fix for 'BUSY' after a single generation
  • Fixed: 'BUSY' state after a single generation, a silly mistake really.

v1.3 (2015-09-19)

  • Feature Add:
  • Added: Auto-sizing. Now CGen will scan the size of the imported creature and store this in the 'Size' attribute, this will be used to automatically size the token during drag-drop auto-population. Note that if context such as 'Space 10ft.' exists, it'll use that size parameter as opposed to 'Medium','Small','Huge' etc.. Also note that sizes smaller than medium (which is considered 1 unit square) are not illustrated, but sizes larger than medium (2x2 Large,3x3 Huge,4x4 Gargantuan,6x6 Colossal) are illustrated. For tokens generated without the size attribute, or if it is invalid or missing, there is no auto-sizing. As an added bonus, it'll know the unit scale of the page on which the token resides and will size appropriately.
  • Added: Mass-Import. Now you can transmogrify pages with numerous tokens, select all tokens on a page, and mass-import them. This is ideal for moving around your monster databases. Note that this will NOT work for 'summons' for players. There is also a very rare race condition that will sometimes occur which I haven't pinned my thumb on where CGen will get stuck in the 'Busy' state (a lock to prevent multiple CGen operations during a mass import). To resolve this, simply re-save the script, if you could describe in detail what you did in a post that would help too.

v1.25 (2015-06-7)

  • Minor updates:
  • Fixed an issue with attacks with names like 'orc double axe' where it would attempt to parse 'or' in orc. where 'or' only looked for a word boundary on the right. It was to accommodate minor PRD errors where it wouldn't properly place 'or' as it's own word due to poor formatting.
  • Added Fast healing to defenses
  • Added Aura to defenses
  • Removed the name 'API' from sendChat in cgen_confirm.js as in the new update on dev server, it displays sender name for the /desc command for messages sent from the script.

v1.21 (2015-03-24)

  • Urgent bug fix:
  • Fixed an urgent bug for the added perception check that outright breaks 1.2

v1.2 (2015-03-23)

  • Quality of life fixes:
  • Fixed bug were CGen could parse 'Sp' 'Ex' 'Su' rather than '(Sp)' '(Ex)' '(Su)' .
  • Fixed bug where it would not parse (EX) (SP) (SU) due to case sensitivity.
  • Fixed bug due to improper parsing of HTML entities %3Cbr -> %3Cbr%3E so it properly parses
    rather than just <br which it should have always done...
  • Fixed bug where cgen_tmp and the default template within the script were out of sync where if you didn't choose an alternate template, the default would have an old align-right behavior for Attack: and Damage:
  • Added parsing of 'Perception' if Perception was not a listed skill (often context bonuses such as '+4 when in forests' are only in the skill section.)
  • Added formatting in the journal to make popping out the journal more viable to 'eagle view' on statblocks when needed.
  • Added a warning if the created journal entry was unable to accept the token's image source.

v1.01 (2015-03-03)

  • added regeneration as a defensive ability to be shown in 'defenses'

v1.00 (2015-03-02)

  • Release