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API ScriptAuthor: Zachare S
Version: 1.0.4
Last Modified: 2019-04-23
Code: {{{2}}}
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None
HeroLabImporter is a script to allow you to import your characters from HeroLab (Pathfinder) without much fuss.

WARNING: This system requires HeroLab (by Wolf's Lair), and that system requires a custom output plugin which is freely available at



This script technically supports any Character Sheet but the Exporter (see above) is built only to Export Pathfinder Characters to the Pathfinder by Roll20 Character Sheet.


Install HeroLabImporter API.

Before you can utilize Hero Lab Importer, you need to export a HeroLab Character utilizing the Roll20CharacterExporter (available above). That will output a .txt file to your hard drive. That text should then be copied into Roll20's chat system.


The system comes with the following limitations:

  • Spells do not have the damage associated with them imported properly. While it is possible to export this data properly, due to how databases are freely available, it would prove to be incredibly taxing on my lack of resources already.
  • HeroLab does not export all of the data about special abilities correctly. Instead, some Special Abilities will never appear on the character sheet after exporting.
  • Spell and Spell-Like abilities with weird changes to spells (such as +1 if a spell is a certain type) do not import.

This HeroLabImporter will get most...standard monsters and characters with normal monster stuff on them. This system is intended for to skip most of the setup associated with importing NPC Characters in from HeroLab without much fuss.


!HeroLabImporter --allowplayer
GM ONLY COMMAND Allows Player use of importing characters.
NOTE: With this on, any player may execute the import commands as normal. This is dangerous because the system *can* and *will* overwrite Characters if an exact match is found to the name.

!HeroLabImporter --blockplayer
GM ONLY COMMAND Disables Player use of importing characters.
NOTE: This is normally how the script is built.

!ModifyTokenImage --debug
GM ONLY COMMAND Enables or disables Debug outputting to the log.


  • 1.0.4: Initial commit.