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Script:IsGM Auth Module

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script overview |name=IsGM Auth Module |author=Aaron C. M. |version=0.7 |code=IsGM |lastmodified=2014-06-14

IsGM Auth Module creates a function, isGM(id), which is accessible by other scripts to differentiate GM users from non-GM users. GM status is determined by comparing the msg.who from non-API messages to the player._displayname. Since non-API chat messages append " (GM)" to GMs in msg.who, comparing the two will only be equal if a player is NOT a gm. (This works regardless of if the player adds '(GM)' to their name.)

Additionally, the command !reset-isgm is provided, allowing the reset of the GM-status cache, for example if someone is promoted to GM status who had previously been identified as a player.



Edit to see syntax


The id of the player object to check


If you have already been identified as a GM in the campaign, simply using !reset-isgm is enough to reset everyone's GM status. Anyone who knows the password may supply the password as an argument to force the reset regardless of their GM status. For example:

!reset-isgm swordfish

The main feature of the script, however, is the isGm function. This can be called from other scripts to validate users. For example:

    sendChat('','/w '+msg.who+' you are a GM!');
    sendChat('','/w '+msg.who+' you are NOT GM!');


reset_password should be changed from the default. No further customization is required. Do note that the campaign's GM should remember to say something in the chat out of character after installing this script (or running the reset-isgm command) and before making use of any scripts which make use of isGM.


v0.7 (2014-06-14)

  • Release