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Script:RPGMaster Suite

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RPGMaster Suite API is the loader for the RPGMaster suite of APIs, which includes Script:RoundMaster, Script:InitMaster, Script:AttackMaster, Script:MagicMaster, Script:CommandMaster Script:RPGMaster_Library and this loader. The RPGMaster Suite loader does not provide any additional functionality, other than loading the rest of the APIs.

Note: This API requires that a RPGMaster Library API is loaded, which provides RPG version-specific and Roll20 Character Sheet version-specific data, rulesets and processing (as well as other goodies!).

API ScriptAuthor: Richard E
Version: 2.1.1
Last Modified: 19-6-2023
Code: RPGMaster-Suite
Dependencies: RoundMaster, InitMaster, AttackMaster, MagicMaster, CommandMaster, RPGMlibrary AD+D2e
Conflicts: None



RPGMaster Forum

How RPGMaster Suite Works

The RPGMaster-Suite API is only a loader for the other APIs in the RPGMaster suite of APIs. It is paired with a script.json file which specifies the APIs that must be loaded to support working of the RPGMaster functions. It is the script.json that does the heavy lifting - the RPGMaster-Suite API only exists to be found in the Roll20 One Click library for those who search for RPGMaster in the library.

How to use RPGMaster Suite

To load the RPGMaster suite of APIs:

  1. Create a new Campaign or open the Campaign Details page
  2. Open the Settings drop-down for the campaign you want to load the RPGMaster suite to.
  3. Select the Mod / API Scripts entry in the drop-down.
  4. On the "Mods for [your Campaign]" page, select the "Roll20 Mod Library" drop-down.
  5. Type "RPGMaster" into the search box and select the "RPGMaster Suite" when displayed.
  6. Select the [Add Script] button below the text explaining what RPGMaster Suite does.
  7. When Roll20 pops up a dialog asking if other scripts should be loaded, select the [Yes] button.
  8. Return to the Campaign Details page and use the [Launch Game] button.
  9. Wait for the Campaign to fully load and the APIs to state they are ready.
  10. Follow the link in the Chat Window message to the Release Notes and read them.
  11. Enter the command !cmd --initialise and follow the instructions.


v2.1.1 (2023-19-06)

  • Changed RPGMaster Suite to not replace CommandMaster

v2.1.0 (2023-06-06)

  • Initial release of RPGMaster Suite.