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API ScriptAuthor: Jens
Version: 0.2
Last Modified: 2017-03-29
Code: SR-RollExtender
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None


Designed to be used with the "Shadowrun 5th Edition (Advanced)"-character sheet.

There is also an API Script for the "Shadowrun 5th Edition"-sheet by Cassie.

Automatically detect Glitches and roll Extended Tests. Type !RollEx ingame to see the help menu.

Glitch Detection is not yet configurable and will send a private message to the GM whenever a Glitch is rolled.

To roll an Extended Test type: !RollEx xx (dy sz)

xx being the number of dice to start with

Optional parameters are:

dy with y being the minimum number of dice before you want to stop
sz with z being the number of successes after which you want to stop


!RollEx 16 d5 s24

Will roll an extended test starting with 16 dice and dropping one after every roll until you either have a minimum of 24 successes, you have less than 5 dice remaining or you roll a critical glitch.