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API Script Author: James W.
Version: 1.11
Last Modified: 2016-3-15
Code: Skillbook
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: Unknown

Pathfinder Skillbook will whisper the player a template with buttons for each of a character's skills, so players can quickly roll skill checks without having to open their character sheets. These buttons use the macros listed on the character sheet, so any changes to the macros or the skill modifiers on the sheet will work with these buttons.

Note that Craft, Lore, Perform, and Profession skills, as well as the "misc" skills at the bottom of the sheet, will only be added to "skillbook" if the names are filled in; changes to the names won't require rerunning the script, but filling in new names will.

Alternatively, you can have Skillbook generate a token action to whisper the skillbook to any player who can control the character. This script is hard-coded to put this token action into a character ability named "Skills"; if a character already has an ability with that name, it will overwrite that ability. If you wish to keep that character ability, be sure to rename it first.


To receive a whisper with the skillbook in it:

  1. Select a token that represents the character
  2. Type "!skillbook" into the chat window

To create a token action for the skillbook:

  1. Select a token that represents the character or characters to generate token actions for
  2. Type "!skillbook --createability" into the chat window


v1.5 (2016-03-20)

  • Switched to directly whispering the skillbooks instead of making token actions, to avoid chat spamming other players

v1.11 (2016-03-14)

  • Fixed bug with empty skill names

v1.10 (2016-03-13)

  • Updated to work with beta sheet that includes multiple Artistry and Lore skills

v1.00 (2016-03-13)

  • Release