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API ScriptAuthor: Robin Kuiper
Version: 0.3.3
Last Modified: 22-04-2018
Code: StatusInfo
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

StatusInfo shows condition descriptions whenever a statusmarker is set or when the command !condition is used, e.g: !condition prone. It is fully customizable with extra conditions, and has the ability to add/remove/toggle abilities on tokens.

It works together with TokenMod and with the script author's other APIs; DeathTracker and InspirationTracker

See screenshots on the code page (right side menu).


Command Description
 !condition Shows the condition menu, where you can easily toggle conditions on selected token(s). If you have (a) token(s) selected when you use this command it will show the current conditions.
 !condition config Shows the config menu
 !condition [condition name] Shows the description of the condition entered.
 !condition add [condition name] Adds the condition(s) given to the selected token(s), eg. `!condition add prone paralyzed`.
 !condition remove [condition name] Removes the condition(s) given from the selected token(s).
 !condition toggle [condition name] Toggles the condition(s) given from the selected token(s).
 !condition config export Exports the config (with conditions), also possible through the config menu.
 !condition config import [Exported Content] Imports the config (with conditions), also possible through the config menu.

Installation and Configuration

Install from the one-click menu, or copy the source code available from the menu on the right. Paste the code into a new script in your campaign's API Script Editor. Save the new script and it will be available inside your campaign.


v0.3.3 (22-04-2018)

  • Create/edit conditions
  • Add/remove/toggle conditions on tokens
  • Import/Export configuration