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Example of AutoButtons(v.0.4.5) in action.

Main Page: API:Script Index

autoButtons is for streamlining the application of damage and heals. Created by Oosh


So... what's all this then?

The script reacts to Roll Templates posted to the q Text Chat, and posts back some damage buttons for simple application of damage/healing to the selected token(s). It's dead simple, really.

By default it comes configured to the D&D 5E by Roll20
Character   Sheet
, but can be customized to work with any sheet.

The API is being refactored to make it easier to integrate presets for other sheets/systems, among things.


For more documentation & examples, see (Script) autoButtons(Forum)-forum thread

Keyword: !autoButton

  • --listButtons / --buttons

Generates a list of buttons currently available for use, e.g:

!autoButton --buttons

From left to right, the controls are "Show button", "Hide button", "Delete button". Controls are greyed out when nonsensical - you can't "Show" a button which is already shown on the button template, and you cannot "Hide" a button which isn't currently enabled.