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API ScriptAuthor: Pinmissile
Version: 0.7
Last Modified: 2017-07-16
Code: exaltScript
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

exaltScript adds general utility and automation to Exalted 3rd Edition campaigns.

exaltScript has the following features

  • Keep better track of initiative by automatically adding an "End Turn" custom initiative token into the Turn Order when opening the Turn Order
  • Automatically add motes to all characters in the turn order at the end of a round
  • Sort the turn order when the round has ended
  • Automatically remove Onslaught markers (Purple status marker) from tokens when their turn rolls around
  • Automatically increase token Anima if 5 or more Peripheral Motes are spent in one instance (This can be disabled for individual tokens by adding the "ninja-mask" status marker on it.)
  • Quickly add five motes or fill all mote pools to capacity with the use of chat commands or the built-in UI (Detailed below)
  • Quickly clear Onslaught and Anima status from all tokens on the current player page.


!exaltScript [parmeter]
Parameter Values
UI Displays the exaltScript UI, with clickable buttons
addMotes Adds 5 motes to every character on player page with mote pools (i.e. the ones that have the "personal-essence" and "peripheral-essence" attributes)
maxMotes Fills all mote pools to capacity on the page that the players are on the current page.
customMotes X Lets you specify a number of motes to give to the tokens on the current player board. Switch out X for a valid integer
settings initiative Toggles initiative functions, such as automatic sorting, onslaught removal and automatic mote increase
settings anima Toggles automatic anima increase on removing motes
settings notifications Toggles the command notifications display.
settings clear onslaught Clears onslaught status from all tokens on board.
settings clear anima Clears anima status from all tokens on board.


v0.7 (2017-07-16)

  • Added ability to clear Onslaught and Anima status effects, and some bug fixing.

v0.6 (2017-07-12)

  • Release