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The WFRP 2E Actions (Havoc) API is a set of functions and roll templates to support many common features found in a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2E game. Some items are customizable to your particular game.

API ScriptAuthor: Paul "Havoc" Stein
Version: 1.0
Last Modified: 2017-05-07
Code: wfrp2e-api
Dependencies: splitArgs
Conflicts: None

Havoc has provided templates for many Combat, Parry, Success, Failure, and Magic rolls, including Ulric's Fury, Initiative, and Fortune Re-rolls. All executable from the character sheet, calculated automatically or performed from the roll template!



While specific functions are accessible from the chat session, all are best used from the character sheet and not otherwise supported.

Installation and Configuration

Copy the script's code, available from the menu on the right and stored at Roll20's API GitHub Repository. Paste the code into a new script in your campaign's API Script Editor. Save the new script and it will be available inside your campaign.

Script Use

The API may be customized from the Campaign Settings to suit your play style or home rules. Particularly, one can customize Combat, Parry and Skill critical Success and Failure "break points" or turn them off all together. Find the following sections in the API script and edit per the comments or to suit your needs:

var critSucCombat = 1; //set to 0 to turn off crit success
var critFailCombat = 96; //set to 101 to turn off crit failure
var critSucParry = 1; //set to 0 to turn off crit success
var critFailParry = 96; //set to 101 to turn off crit failure
var critSucSkill = 1; //set to 0 to turn off crit success
var critFailSkill = 96; //set to 101 to turn off crit failure


v1. (2017-05-07)

  • Initial repos submission