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Jeremy 'Seismic' is a YouTube and Twitch content creator who focuses on the games Rocket League and Dungeons and Dragons. Outside of this, he works in the film and games industry with such companies as Pixar and ID Software.



Jeremy 'Seismic' found his passion for art at a young age. He has extensive knowledge in 3D modeling and After Effects from his industry experience. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he drives himself towards success as directly as possible.

Featured Games & Editions

D&D 3.5E

Live Schedule

Tuesday Friday and/or Saturday
Title Dungeon League Dungeon League Prep & Art
Game System D&D 3.5E D&D 3.5E
Time 8PST 8PST~

Show Descriptions & VODs

Dungeon League

Dungeon League is led by 'Seismic' as he unfolds an entirely homemade world (alongside 3.5e rules and monsters) for four Rocket League streamers and big time personalities! Production value is a huge draw and dressing up is always promoted. Voice acting is present and a good time is sure to be found!

Long ago an ancient battle of gods erupted, crippling and scarring the lands of Aeron. The forces of Nerull, foul creatures born from hatred in the depths of the Underdark threatened the peaceful world above. And at the pinnacle of the war, when all hope seemed lost, forces from across the Realm rallied, locking away the vile and corrupt within the tombs of Vadick... Thousands of years have since passed and with darkness looming every closer a small band of heroes must take up arms. This... is Dungeon League.

Show Title Cast

Seismic as GM
Low5ive as "Remer Eyrias"
Kronovi as "Tulvir Eyrias"

Chad as "Vath Zossu"

Previous Members:
Shalthis as "Zoltar Silverkin"
Cloudfuel as "Thorellian Kelris"

Marketplace Content

Outdoor Set 2

Featured API Content

All character sheets are constantly updated and NPC's are made custom for each session! The character sheets used are the default provided by Roll20 for 3.5e.