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Sheet Guide Template

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This is a template for creating Character sheet guide pages, so it's quick to copy and can be used when creating a new page.

To see how this template looks like in use, go to Sheet Guide Template/sandbox

Template Page wiki code

[[File:SWD6 sheet.png|thumbnail|right|450px|The main page of the sheet]]
This is a guide to the '''Exact-Sheet-Name-In-Dorpdown-Menu''' character sheet. The sheet was made by {{user profile|roll20 user number|Name}} Ex: {{user profile|1223200|Andreas J.}}

See [[]] for the system in general.
{| class="wikitable" style="float:right; margin-left: 10px;margin-right: 60px;"
|+Example Sheet
|'''Sheet Version'''
| 1.00
|'''Last Update'''
| {{user profile|roll20 user number|Name}} ex. {{user profile|1223200|Andreas J.}}
=General =

== Main Page/Player ==

/* info on pages or sections of sheet */
===Skills ===

===Attacks ===

== NPC ==
/* info on other  pages or how to use existing NPC section */

== Settings Menu ==
Description of settings options for the sheet

{| class="wikitable"
|'''Sheet Type'''
| Can switch between  '''PC''' or '''NPC'''
|'''Hide GM Rolls?'''
| Hides the extra roll buttons with "GM" written on them. The GM rolls function like the regular rolls except they are whispered to the GM. 
|'''Setting name'''
| what it does
|''' '''
|''' '''
|''' '''

=Default Settings=
/* if the sheet have Default setting that can be edited in the Campaign's games setting, some info */

===Roll templates===
/* how to use the sheets roll template */

/* List useful macros, links, API and other things that could help using the sheet. */


/* list major sheet updates

===Version 1.21 (2020-11-10)===
* Upgraded roll template looks/functions
* add roll button names to attrs/skills
* remove broken images

===Version 1.01 (2020-10-10)===
* Fix the Ship's weapon roll
===Version 1.00 (2020)===
* initial release

==Sheet Plans==
/* List possible future update to the sheet */
* make a roll template that fits the sheet
* option for dyslexia-friendly font
* option to import characters stats.

=See Also=
* Link to relevant wiki pages
* Link to Game Rules/Publisher homepage
* Link to some Community for the game
* [ Sheet Sourcecode] /* fill out the url to where the sheet code can be found */