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Dave has been playing D&D for 21 years, and DMing for about 15. More recently he has branched out into other RPGs.



Dave grew up with a family full of creative, and nerdy people. His eldest sister, and brother first introduced him to Dungeons and Dragons at age 9, and he's been running with it ever since. After finding some like-minded people at school he started to DM, and has expanded his repertoire.

When not role playing, Dave likes to consume and create music, and literature (mostly fantasy and sci-fi). He spends time with his wife, daughter, cat, and puppy; bringing them into the role playing world.

Featured Games & Editions

Apocalypse World


Live Schedule

Sunday Wednesday
Title Drypocalypse MC Prep The Drypocalypse
Game System Apocalypse World Apocalypse World
Time 2pm ET 5pm ET

Show Information

The Drypocalypse

After Gritch usurped the Minotaur, the world became a little more connected. Now a pirate crew is learning what that means, and what creatures the Colonizing Force was holding back.

The Drypocalypse Cast

SileoNeco as "MC"
Jeff as "Coopah & Monsoon"
Suzan as "Waters"

Tess as "Jay

Drypocalypse MC Prep

MC SileoNeco reviews and updates the background events of The Drypocalypse.