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Star Frontiers

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Star Frontiers is a percentile system using d10 and d100 rolls.

Link to Star Frontiers Character Sheet wiki page

d100 Macro with Modifier

Most rolls in Star Frontiers are 1d100, and you have to roll equal to or under a stated percentage chance to succeed. Modifiers are applied to the chance to succeed, not the dice. A general roll can be made with:

/r 1d100 vs. [[ ?{Chance to succeed} [base chance] + ( ?{Modifier|0} ) [modifier] ]]%

As an inline roll, this could be:

/em rolls [[ 1d100 ]] vs. [[ ?{Chance to succeed} [base chance] + ( ?{Modifier|0} ) [modifier] ]]%

As a character ability, you can replace ?{Chance to succeed} with a specific attribute or percentage. For example, if a character has an attribute Personality, you can roll a Personality check as:

/r 1d100 vs. [[ @{Personality} [Personality] + ( ?{Modifier|0} ) [modifier] ]]%


This is a inline-roll macro for Initiative, it adds the result to the Tracker (make sure you have a Token selected and Initiative Modifier listed in a character-sheet's Attributes as "IM").

/em rolls initiative [[1d10 + @{selected|IM} &{tracker} ]]

Battle Rage

First you have to create an Attribute called, "Battle Rage Level". Then you create an ability and put these two lines into the bigger box:

Rolling for Battle Rage (@{Battle Rage Level}%)

[[{{1D100-@{Battle Rage Level}}<0}]]

Then track your Battle Rage Level in the attribute and the check is always based on your current level. A result of "0" means failure and "1" means you're about to tear something up.