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Star Frontiers

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Star Frontiers is a percentile system using d10 and d100 rolls.

d100 Macro with Modifier

Most rolls in Star Frontiers are 1d100, and you have to roll equal to or under a stated percentage chance to succeed. Modifiers are applied to the chance to succeed, not the dice. A general roll can be made with:

/r 1d100 vs. [[ ?{Chance to succeed} [base chance] + ( ?{Modifier|0} ) [modifier] ]]%

As an inline roll, this could be:

/em rolls [[ 1d100 ]] vs. [[ ?{Chance to succeed} [base chance] + ( ?{Modifier|0} ) [modifier] ]]%

As a character ability, you can replace ?{Chance to succeed} with a specific attribute or percentage. For example, if a character has an attribute Personality, you can roll a Personality check as:

/r 1d100 vs. [[ @{Personality} [Personality] + ( ?{Modifier|0} ) [modifier] ]]%


This is a inline-roll macro for Initiative, it adds the result to the Tracker (make sure you have a Token selected and Initiative Modifier listed in a character-sheet's Attributes as "IM").

/em rolls initiative [[1d10 + @{selected|IM} &{tracker} ]]