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Star Trek

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Tips on playing Star Trek games on Roll20.



There is official art packs on the market place for Star Treck, published by Modiphius.

There is also lots of other sci-fi art sets available.


Tips for playing specific editions of Star Trek.

Star Trek Adventures

The 2d20 system by Modiphius published in 2017.

Character Sheet

  • Star Trek Adventures
    • Created by David Collier and Randall Burt
    • last updated December 2017
    • sourcecode

Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG

The Star Trek game published by Last Unicorn Games in 1998.

Character Sheet

  • Star Trek (grouped under the ICON System)
    • created by CoalPoweredPuppet
    • Last Updated: April 2020
    • sourcecode

Star Trek FASA

The game created by FASA in 1980s.

Character Sheet

The sheet has an odd name so isn't obvious to find when looking at the dropdown.