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Star Wars 30th Anniversary Edition sheet

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A character sheet for the 1st edition of the D6 Star Wars Role Playing Game, created by Claes.

If you want to play 2E, R&E or REUP, the other Star Wars D6 sheet is better suited.



If you hover over the Star Wars logo a popup with instructions will appear. They are shown here as well.

Dice Codes

Dice codes must be written as xD or xD+y. For example, 2D and 2D+2 are valid. Damage codes for weapons can use str (Strength) and ctrl (Control for lightsabers), e.g. str+2D.

Then you start filling a character sheet for the first time, if you fill the attribute dice codes first, it will automatically fill empty skills.

Important! For a dice code to update you need to tab away from the field before you press a roll button. This is due to that the roll buttons use hidden input fields where D is replaced with d6.

Armor Codes

Armor code must be either a value with a plus sign, for example +1; or a normal dice code like 1D.

Wound Status

The dropdown has the following values:

  • H = Healthy
  • S = Stunned
  • W = Wounded
  • I = Incapacitated
  • M = Mortally Wounded
  • W, I and M will reduce all dice codes with 1D. H and S will revert back to normal dice codes.


  • Sheet worker fixes, weapon damage roll added (2018-04-17)

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