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Star Wars FFG

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Info on playing the Star Wars Roleplaying game published by Fantasy Flight Games, also known as Star Wars FFG.


Character Sheets

There are more than one character sheet option to play this edition of the game in the dropdown menu, and each works in a different way.

Star Wars: FFG (API-Compatible)

To be able to make dice rolls from the sheet, the game creator needs to have a Pro account, and utilize the related API script.

Star Wars FFG Alternate

Inspired by the "Star Wars: FFG (API-Compatible)" sheet. Built entirely from the ground-up to utilize the power of Roll20 JavaScript sheet workers and CSS Grid for layout (and has some responsive design optimization for larger screens).

While it can be used without an API as a dynamic character record, it does tie into a custom build of the Star Wars: Fantasy Flight Games - Dice Roller API script to make rolls. The custom dice roller API has not been forked from the original project yet. It can be found as part of the sourcecode in the character sheet github repository as diceroller.js. The GM will need a Pro account to use this API.

When first opening a new character sheet, it will require manual initialization of fields. Make sure to set all number fields you want to use to a value with a manual keyboard input the first time you use that field. This includes all Characteristics, Vital Stats, Weapon and Armor stats, and Item encumbrance. Not doing so may cause some odd behavior with calculations dependent on those fields receiving an 'undefined' value. There is code to auto-init fields, but it currently won't trigger until Roll20 fixes a bug with the sheet:opened-event.

Star Wars FFG (Simple)

Authors:Cameron C, Erin V, Robin B

Inspired by the Edge of the Empire Character sheet by FFG. This sheet doesn't auto-calculate.



Due to how the games custom dice isn't directly supported by Roll20's dice-rolling system, most sheet need to use an API script to do so. There might exist other API scripts useful for running this game.

Star Wars: Fantasy Flight Games - Dice Roller

The API used by Star Wars: FFG (API-Compatible) & Star Wars FFG Alternate.

Star Wars: Fantasy Flight Games - Destiny Tracker

An API available in the One-click install, created by Ziechael.

SW FFG Destiny Tracker provides a way to prompt, set and track destiny points for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Fantasy Flight Games) rpg system. The script creates a handout when a command is run which can be used to keep a visual reminder for players during a session. It also outputs to chat changes made for in play reminders and chat archive reference.

Note: The handout automatically updates as the pools change and has been set up to be made as small as possible rather than waste screen real estate.

Other tips

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