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Star Wars Saga Edition Character Sheet

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Preview of the PC Sheet with all sections revealed

The Star Wars Saga Edition sheet was created by Alicia G and was inspired by the sheet created by Mad Irishman. It has, however, been modified to better fit a web platform with revealable areas. The sheet contains separate sub-sheet sections for PC, NPC and Vehicle abilities, with one sub-sheet intended to be used at a time.



  • Use the Force Skill is missing!
    • Use the Force (UTF) is actually hidden by default with the rest of the Force related fields. At the bottom of the PC and NPC sheet is the option to reveal Force related abilities. Once shown you will find UtF, Force Powers, Techniques, Secrets and Regimens sections appear.
    • The decision was made to have Force related fields hidden by default since they're related to a Feat which must be taken to gain access. As not all characters have access to the ability to make UTF skill rolls without the Feat Force Senstivity, it didn't make sense for all players to have access to the skill.
  • I want to send you feedback, suggestions, or report a bug/error
    • All of the above can be left in a multitude of ways. You can either post a response in the Roll20 Forum for the Character Sheet, send me (Alicia G) a PM, or file a report on GitHub under the forked repository. I do my best to respond as quickly as possible to any of the above, but real life (and day job) does tend to get in the way
    • The author has abandoned the sheet. For the user currently making changes to the sheet, reach out to Stephen C.

PC Sheet


The header section contains relevant character information such as:

  • Classes
  • Heroic level with Half Level automatically calculated
    • If you want to include non-heroic levels, switch the sheet temporarily to the NPC sheet to apply non heroic levels. Non-heroic levels are included with the Half level bonus for skills, but not for the Level bonus to Defenses or damage.
  • Species
  • Gender
  • Background found in Rebellion Era Source Book
  • Destiny
  • Size
    • Applies size modifiers to: Reflex, Stealth, Damage Threshold (DT), Carry Capacity and Grapple

The logo in the top-right was made with the publicly available Star Jedi font, and can be clicked to show a yellow version.

Core Stats and Abilities

StarWarsSaga Sheet-Core.png

The Core section has all pertinent information a player would need at a glance during play.

  • Attributes
  • Hit Points (Current HP, Max HP, and Bonus HP)
  • Condition Track (CT)
  • Second Wind information
    • The "Is Droid?" checkbox sets the second wind HP to 1/4 of max HP, regardless of Constitution score.
    • The Take button in this section will automatically increase the current HP by the amount displayed in the box, but only if there is at least one second wind remaining and HP is 50% or below. The number of current second winds will decrease by 1.
  • Threshold (DT)
    • The option to have Threshold ignore the CT penalty to Fortitude is included, an ability provided by the Crippled Background.
  • Damage Reduction (DR)
  • Shield Rating (SR)
  • Immune
  • Force Point
    • The first box shows how many Force Points are available.
    • The second box shows how many dice should be rolled for Force Points, and what the size of those dice should be.
  • Destiny Points (DP)
  • Base Attack Bonus (BAB)
  • Movement Speed
    • To show options for other movement speeds, click on the Speed header.
  • Dark Side Points
  • Perception
  • Initiative
    • For use with the Turn Order, the related token must be selected before rolling for the intended result.
    • Opposed rolls (including initiative) that result in ties are resolved with the higher modifier, which is why the checkbox is provided.
  • Status
    • To remove unwanted parts of the Status (such as the SR and DR), click on the [show] button and delete that from the list of variables.
  • Grapple
    • Remember to change the modifier to be your highest stat: Str or Dex.


StarWarsSaga Sheet-Armor.png

The Armor section is hidden by default and can be revealed by clicking on the [show] link next to the name. It's used in tracking armor and related modifiers. There's a toggle to indicate whether the Armor is being worn, which will modify various calculations. The section includes inputs for:

  • Armor Name with Armor Worn checkbox
  • Armor Bonus to Reflex Defense
  • Equipment Bonus to Fortitude Defense
  • Max Dex Bonus
    • To be applied to Reflex Defense when the modifier is selected in the Reflex Defense Mod drop down. This will automatically be taken into account when Dex attribute and the Max Armor Dex is adjusted.
  • Speed with armor worn
  • Proficiency
    • If not checked and the armor is worn then the related penalties will be applied to skills, and no bonuses are added to defenses or skills.
  • Armor Def and Improved Armor Def
  • Armor Type
    • Determines the armor penalty when PC is not proficient in armor
  • Helmet Package
    • When Helmet Package is included: Normal provides +2 to Perception Misc automatically (will not overwrite any additional bonuses) and Superior provides +5 to Perception. Must be wearing the armor and proficient in it.
  • Armor Notes (Good place to put any modifications to the armor)


StarWarsSaga Sheet-Attacks.png

The Attacks section contains repeatable fields which allow you to add as many attack options as you wish. The caveat is that there is no one button which can be used within custom macros.

Attacks include the following options:

  • Weapon Name
  • Weapon Type
  • Base Attack Bonus (Auto-calculated from previously entered field)
  • Attack Modifiers
    • Str (default melee)
    • Str×2 (Hammerblow talent)
    • Dex (default ranged, Weapon Finesse feat)
    • Cha (Noble Fencing Style talent, Kinetic Combat power)
    • Str+Dex (Mighty Throw)
  • Attack Miscellaneous Modifiers
  • Base Damage
    • Normally the amount of damage the weapon does, but you can also put in other modifiers which remain constant as well, like +1 for Melee Smash
  • Damage Modifiers
    • Str (default melee)
    • Str×2 (2-Handed Melee, Echani Training feat, Heavy-Duty Actuators talent, High Impact talent, Droid Smash talent)
    • Str×3 (a homebrew rule for combining multiple of the above methods)
    • Str×4 (combining multiple of the above methods)
    • Dex (1-Handed Ataru or Master of Elegance talents)
    • Dex×2 (2-Handed Ataru or Master of Elegance talents)
    • Cha (Kinetic Combat power)
  • Damage Miscellaneous Modifier
  • Critical Info
    • Range: The number (or above) on the d20 that needs to be rolled for the attack to be a critical (default 20)
    • Multiplier: The amount by which the damage is multiplied on a critical hit
  • Attack Notes
    • This section appears with the attack roll. You can include such things as: Rapid Strike, Point Blank Shot, Double attack. It's meant to serve as a tooltip for the player and GM when making attack rolls to the chat.
  • Weapon Notes
    • This is a good place to track ammo, modifications, etc.

When Rolled, a prompt will appear asking for any Other Modifiers.


StarWarsSaga Sheet-Skills.gif

The skills sections lists all 25 skills (including the different knowledges) detailed in the Core Rulebook. There is also a checkbox at the bottom to remove Climb, Jump, and Swim and add the Athletics skill, which is a popular house rule.
With a check box for Training (T) and Focus (F), and a drop down which includes every attribute each skill can be customized based on the Player's need.
For example, if a Force Sensitive character takes the Force Intuition talent, they can change the Mod type for Initiative to CHA from the DEX default and mimic their Use the Force skill.

A notes section can be revealed for each skill by clicking on the skill name. These notes will then appear with the Skill Check when rolled using the supplied button.

The Skill Total takes into account the following factors:

  • Half Level (including nonheroic levels)
  • Modifier (As indicated by each Skill's drop down)
  • Skill Training (T)
  • Skill Focus (F)
  • Miscellaneous Modifiers (Equipment bonuses and size modifiers should go here)
  • Condition track penalties (CT)

To change this formula for a skill, reveal the notes by clicking on the skill name, then click on the Formula [show] button to reveal the formula.

When Rolled, a prompt will appear asking for any Other Modifiers.

Options and Actions

StarWarsSaga Sheet-ActionsOptions.png

Drawn from the inspiration of the Stat Block located in the books, this section hosts areas to store encounter based abilities (Talents and Feats).

  • Attack Options
    • Combat related abilities such as Careful Shot, Double Attack, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot; this area hosts those abilities relating directly to one's attack and damage rolls.
  • Special Actions
    • Encounter related abilities such as Equilibrium, Born Leader, Adept Negotiator; these abilities affect encounters in some way, but aren't necessarily related to ones attack or damage rolls.

The following are revealable sections which are useful to have near the top for quick reference. A button for the related skill has been included for quick use.

  • Force Powers
  • Starship Maneuvers

Equipment and Resources

StarWarsSaga Sheet-PCResources.png

Equipment sections handles personal equipment using repeatable inputs. It has auto-calculating fields for calculating weight depending on whether the item is being carried and cost of for quantity of items.

The totals can be found for Total Worth next to Credits.

The Encumbrance section lists:

  • Total Equipment Weight
  • Carrying Capacity (before becoming encumbered)
  • Carrying Capacity Multiplier (should not be used for multipliers from Size)
  • Heavy Load toggle (if you want to override the sheet's calculation of your encumbrance to say that the character has a heavy load when they don't, or to say that they don't have a heavy load when they actually do)
  • Maximum weight that can be lifted

There's also areas to list:

  • Languages
  • Special Qualities (Good place to put any racial information, Prestige class bonuses, etc.)
  • Feats
  • Talents

And revealable sections for:

  • Droid Systems
  • Force Secrets
  • Force Techniques
  • Force Regimens

Last but not least:

  • Notes

Roll Templates

Saga Default

&{template:sagadefault} {{header=}}} {{subheader=}} {{custom=}}

Key Description Example
header Main Title {{header=This is a title}}
subheader Secondary Title {{subheader=This is the subheader}}
custom Custom can be replaced with any value you wish and you can add as many 'custom' fields as you wish. {{Notes=This is a notes section}}
StarWarsSaga Template-SagaDefault.png

Following example whispers a message to the player of the controlling token with the current status of their character. Since they have to be able to select the token, they can't request the information of a token/sheet they don't control.

/w @{selected|character_name} &{template:sagadefault} {{header=Status for @{selected|character_name}}} {{Defenses=Ref [[@{selected|Reflex}]] ([[@{selected|ReflexFlatFooted}]]), Fort [[@{selected|Fortitude}]], Will [[@{selected|Will}]]}}{{HP=@{selected|HP}/@{selected|HP|max}; **CT** @{selected|CT}; **DT** [[@{selected|DT}]]}} {{DR=@{selected|DR}; **SR** @{selected|SR}/@{selected|SR|max};}}

Suite Results

An advanced feature was included for use with abilities such as Force Powers and Starship maneuvers which use DCs. The end result will show the Roll with the rewarded DC ability.

StarWarsSaga Template-SagaDefaultforPowers.png
Key Description Example
header Main Title {{header=Move Object [Telekinetic]}}
subheader Secondary Title {{subheader=Use the Force v. Will if object resist; Hurl or drop object v. target's Ref Def, both take damage;}}
type Tells the template that you're using the advanced feature. The text will appear when a 20 is rolled to remind the user the suite is refreshed. Recommend using "power" or "maneuver" {{type=power}}
skillname The pretty text for the skill used for the roll {{skillname=Use the Force}}
skillcheck Skillcheck information, recommend using an inline roll {{skillcheck=[[1d20+@{UsetheForce}+?{Other Modifiers|0}[Other]]]}} or {{skillcheck=%{selected|UsetheForceCheck}}}
less# Replace # with the lowest DC. Available for 10-30, multiples of 5 {{less15=Nothing happens!}}
more# Replace # with the highest DC. Available for 20-40, multiples of 5 {{more35=Move up to colossal object, [[10d6]] damage}}
10 - 35 Starting with the number you assigned for Less up to a step below More, assign the other DCs, Available for 10-35, multiples of 5 {{15=Move up to medium object, [[2d6]] damage}}

&{template:sagadefault} {{header=Move Object [Telekinetic]}} {{subheader=Use the Force v. Will if object resist; Hurl or drop object v. target's Ref Def, both take damage;}} {{type=power}} {{skillname=Use the Force}} {{skillcheck=[[1d20+@{UsetheForce}+?{Other Modifiers|0}[Other]]]}} {{less15=Nothing happens!}} {{more35=Move up to colossal object, [[10d6]] damage}} {{15=Move up to medium object, [[2d6]] damage}} {{20=Move up to large object, [[4d6]] damage}} {{25=Move up to huge object, [[6d6]] damage}} {{30=Move up to gargantuan object, [[8d6]] damage}} {{Note=Moving a hovering or flying target opposes Use the Force with a grapple check}} {{Force Point= to increase max size of object one category and +[[2d6]] dam (max 12d6)}} {{Destiny Point= to increase max size three categories and +[[6d6]] dam (max 16d6)}} {{Unleashed= if you hurl an object into another object multiply damage by 2}}

Skills / Attributes

StarWarsSaga Template-SkillwNotes.png

&{template:skill} {{name=}} {{skill=}} {{notes=}} {{crewname=}}

  • name Skill Name
  • skill Dice Roll values
  • notes Skill notes
  • crewname Indicates which crew member is rolling from a vehicle sheet

&{template:skill} {{name=Deception}} {{skill=[[1d20+@{Deception}+?{Other Modifiers|0}]]}} {{crewname=@{vehicle-CrewName} in @{character_name}}}


StarWarsSaga Template-Attack.png

&{template:attack} {{name=}}} {{type=}} {{attack=}} {{damage=}} {{dmgcrit=}} {{atkaeffect=}}

Key Description Example
name Weapon Name {{name=@{WeaponName}}}
type Weapon type (optional) {{type=@{WeaponName|max}}}
attack Attack Roll {{attack=[[1d20cs>@{WeaponCrit} + @{BAB} + @{attackMod} + @{attackModMisc} +@{CT} + ?{Other Modifiers (Attack)|0}]]}}
damage Damage Roll {{damage=[[@{damage} + @{damageMod} + @{damageMisc}]]}}
dmgcrit Damage crit (Optional; From first attack roll) {{dmgcrit=[[(@{damage} + @{damageMod} + @{damageMisc})+?{Other Modifiers (Damage)|0}]]*@{WeaponCrit|max}]]}}
atkeffect Attack Notes (optional) {{atkaeffect=@{WeaponNotes|max}}}
custom Custom can be replaced with any value you wish and you can add as many 'custom' fields as you wish. {{Weapon Notes=@{WeaponNotes}}}

Note: If following formulas are used outside of the attack repeating section, all values will need to be changed due to the current limitations. See PC Attack Repeating Section or NPC Attack Repeating Section

&{template:attack} {{name=@{WeaponName}}} {{type=@{WeaponName|max}}} {{attack=[[1d20cs>@{WeaponCrit} + @{BAB} + @{attackMod} + @{attackModMisc} +@{CT} + ?{Other Modifiers (Attack)|0}]]}} {{atkaeffect=@{WeaponNotes|max}}} {{damage=[[@{damage} + @{damageMod} + @{damageMisc}]]}} {{dmgcrit=[[(@{damage} + @{damageMod} + @{damageMisc})+?{Other Modifiers (Damage)|0}]]*@{WeaponCrit|max}]]}}

Dual Attack (different Weapons)
StarWarsSaga Template-AttackAdvanced.png

Note: dmgcrit is not used as only the first Attack roll is used. Meaning if 2nd weapon is a crit then no crit damage is rolled.

Damage Roll Formula changed for when the weapon damage is different for each weapon

Removed @{damage} +. The Damage input field (weapon base damage) can be left blank

Template Formula
&{template:attack} {{name=@{WeaponName}}} {{type=@{WeaponName|max}}} {{atkeffect= @{WeaponNotes|max}}} {{Deathhammer=[[@{WeaponAttack}+1[Tech Specialist Attack]]]; [[3d8+ @{WeaponDamage}]] damage}} {{Blas Tech=[[@{WeaponAttack}]]; [[4d6+ @{WeaponDamage}+2[Tech Specialist Damage]+4[Pulse Charger]]] damage}}

Notice that the weapon's base damage is set in the roll template rather than using the Weapon Damage input field on the sheet. Include any unique modifiers which affect individual weapons to the Roll Template (for example the Tech Specialist updrades). Anything which affects both weapons could be included in the Damage or Attack Roll Formulas

Double / Dual Attack (same Weapon)

Note: dmgcrit is not used as only the first Attack roll is used. Meaning if 2nd attack is a crit then no crit damage is rolled.

Template Formula
&{template:attack} {{name=@{WeaponName}}} {{type=@{WeaponName|max}}} {{atkeffect=@{WeaponNotes|max}}} {{attack=[[@{WeaponAttack}]] / [[@{WeaponAttack}]]}} {{damage=[[@{WeaponDamage}]] / [[@{WeaponDamage}]]}}

Useful Rolls

Rolling Stats

The following allows the rolling of stats using the rules of roll 4d6 keeping highest 3 and re-rolling 1s once.
&{template:sagadefault} {{header=?{Character Name}}} {{Attribute 1=[[4d6ro1k3]]}} {{Attribute 2=[[4d6ro1k3]]}} {{Attribute 3=[[4d6ro1k3]]}} {{Attribute 4=[[4d6ro1k3]]}} {{Attribute 5=[[4d6ro1k3]]}} {{Attribute 6=[[4d6ro1k3]]}}

Send Character Status from Token

The need for this section has been replaced by the Status button, but if you want more customizability or the look of the general template, this is an option.

StarWarsSaga Template-SagaDefault.png

Following example whispers a message to the player of the controlling token with the current status of their character. Since they have to be able to select the token, they can't request the information of a token/sheet they don't control. Additionally in the macro, I added another whisper to let myself, the GM, know when a character requested their status. More so I know if the macro is actually used.

/w @{selected|character_name} &{template:sagadefault} {{header=Status for @{selected|character_name}}} {{Defenses=Ref [[@{selected|Reflex}]] ([[@{selected|ReflexFlatFooted}]]), Fort [[@{selected|Fortitude}]], Will [[@{selected|Will}]]}}{{HP=@{selected|HP}/@{selected|HP|max}; **CT** @{selected|CT}; **DT** [[@{selected|DT}]]}} {{DR=@{selected|DR}; **SR** @{selected|SR}/@{selected|SR|max};}} /w gm @{selected|character_name} requested status

Known Bugs and Errors

  • Skills don't change when the level or character attributes change.
    • The fastest way to get them to update is to close the sheet and reopen it. You may also check and uncheck the Trained box.
  • Vehicle skills are not completely accurate.
  • The Print function has a ton of overlapping and missing information.
  • The NPC statblock text box is blank and the buttons output the PC statblock.

Change Log

For the original author's version of the Sheet, see the Fork on GitHub

Please note: While the changes are listed here, until the pull request has been merged it will not be live when using the publicly available SWSE sheet in Roll20. You can check the status by clicking on the related Pull Request link listed with the change. If the ticket says open then the change has not gone into effect. Also, there are quite a number of smaller changes not listed here. For the full list, see the history on GitHub.

June 2, 2023 Pull Request #11878

  • Reverted changes to second wind variable names to avoid bugs with second wind, size, and equipment weight not working properly
  • Synchronized CTIgnoreDT between PC and NPC tabs to avoid a bug when the NPC value is checked but the PC value isn't.
  • Added clarity for vehicle attacks by adding tags in the formula and updating Pilot Operated mouseover text.
  • Changed defaults for "Is Droid?" checkbox, repeating equipment Carry checkboxes, and repeating equipment Qty input.

May 31, 2023 Pull Request #11873

  • Added toggle for Persistent Conditions to the Vehicle tab.
  • Put the variable in each hover text on PC sheet.
  • Added "Is Droid?" checkbox to ignore Con score for droid second winds.
  • Renamed Second Wind variables.
  • Added Str×2 and Str+Dex options to attack rolls. Added Str×3 and Str×4 and removed Cha×2 options from damage rolls.
  • Fixed typo in translation sheet

May 28, 2023 Pull Request #11861

  • Added toggle for Persistent Conditions.
  • Fixed second wind attributes so they can be called now.
  • Adjusted area that is clickable for the Attack, Damage, and Speed boxes.
  • Added Status button.
  • Added a class for the show/hide checkbox (which was just done manually with *style* for each element)
  • Fixed the ArmorPerception so that it would not add the Helmet Package bonus if not proficient with the armor.
  • Cleaned up HTML by adding a CSS class for the [show/hide] toggle instead of adding it in the HTML with "style" every time.
  • Made it so that when deleting an attack, clicking on the red delete button would not click through to the show/hide toggle underneath.

May 17, 2023 Pull Request #11827

  • Synchronized condition track on PC and NPC sheets (by changing radio buttons to checkboxes)
  • Changed appearance of checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Updated readme to reflect state of sheet
  • Added Stephen C as maintainer in sheet.json

May 11, 2023 Pull Request #11799

  • Changed location of image URLs
  • Translation support
  • Fixed Athletics not getting an encumbrance penalty
  • Added Defense Notes to stat block roll

May 8, 2023 Pull Request #11790

  • Added Athletics skill house rule

May 8, 2023 Pull Request #11789

  • Removed logo to comply with Roll20 IP guidelines, as discussed in Pull Request #11766
  • Unique logo image for dark mode, and can be changed to yellow by clicking on it
  • Fixed tab appearance for Firefox
  • Removed NPC-CT attribute
  • Added a section for Defense Notes
  • Minor appearance tweaks

April 26, 2023 Pull Request #11762

  • Updated the sheet from Legacy to CSE
  • Added dark mode
  • Added note at bottom of sheet, telling others to post on the forums if they notice an error
  • Minor tweaks to roll template formatting

April 22, 2023 Pull Request #11745

  • Fixed minor spacing issues, including the NPC Grapple header (again)

April 20, 2023 Pull Request #11739

  • Rounded the borders of the inline rolls
  • Performed code cleanup with roll template CSS and added prepared for eventual dark mode
  • Adjusted appearance of statBlock so inline rolls match surrounding text and removed redundant semicolons

April 15, 2023 Pull Request #11721

  • Changed Double Encumbrance checkbox to an Encumbrance Multiplier number input

March 20, 2023 Pull Request #11617

  • Added a revealable section for notes on speed

October 10, 2022 Pull Request #11110

  • Fixed formatting error with Vehicle ability checks

October 8, 2022 Pull Request #11104, Pull Request #11111

  • Changed initiative tiebreaker to initiative mod instead of dex mod
  • Removed nonheroic level from damage calculations

June 21, 2022 Pull Request #10709

  • Fix incorrectly calculated ship damage threshold calculation

June 11, 2022 Pull Request #10678

  • Fix armour checkbox bug

May 31, 2022 Pull Request #10623

  • Fix broken link on star wars logo

May 27, 2022 Pull Request #10615, Pull Request #10616

  • Move the image used from imgur to github
  • Fix the last rolls not compatible with dark mode

May 26, 2022 Pull Request #10613

  • Improve the second wind feature to track current/max available will send message to chat when used and decrease current by 1 when used

May 20, 2022 Pull Request #10581, Pull Request #10582, Pull Request #10583, Pull Request #10586

  • Added a check box that will double carry and lift capacity
  • Add an option to track bonus HP
  • Changed the rolls so when dark mode is enabled the rolls are still legible
  • Added a section that shows second wind that you would recover as well as a button to apply to current health

October 10, 2016 Pull Request #950

  • Attacks collapse to vital info
  • Character Perception shortcut - removed extra } in roll
  • Vehicle Pilot - removed extra } in roll
  • Started adding code for Translation - WIP

December 28, 2015 Pull Request #1267

  • Inventory repeating section was interfering with editing of Credits and Experience
  • Moved the Equipment Totals to the right hand side under the Credits and Encumbrance sections

December 07, 2015 Pull Request #1183

  • Size Modifier is linked to the size drop down in the header (PC and Vehicle tabs). It will change bonsues to DT, Fort, Reflex, Grapple, Stealth and carry capacity.
  • Armor got a bit rehashed with new toggles and dropdowns to help ease tracking of differnt variables. There's also a toggle to take off and put on the armor, removing/adding the bonuses based on what's been toggled.
  • Applying the Armor Penalty to skills and attacks when not proficient
  • Automatically changing the Dex mod for Reflex based on the armor's Max Dex, which will be toggled whether the armor is being worn.
  • Equipment was rehashed with new fields to allow better management. Total fields will calculate per row the cost and weight based on quantity. Carry toggle allows users to indicate whether the item is being carried and apply against the Total Equipment Weight in regards to Capacity
  • Armor Weight is now included for the Total Weight and can be toggled whether it's carried
    • Toggling Armor Worn will automatically force the Carry toggle. That means right now that if the character isn't wearing armor, but still wants to carry it, "Carry" must be manually toggled.
  • Meeting or Exceeding Weight Capacity for equipment will automatically toggle heavy load
  • Heavy Load penalty applies to relevant skills when toggled (will be automatically toggled when Equipment Wt meets/exceeds capacity). It is not reducing Speed at this time.

September 24, 2015 Pull Request #1073

  • Added a lift Carrying Capacity and moved the Equipment Carry Capacity next to the equipment total field.
  • Fixed the NPC Grapple roll formatting

July 20, 2015 Pull Request #946

  • Added decimal modifier for Turn Order Initiative
  • Knowledge (Galactic Lore) mod fixed (was STR now default is INT)
  • Switched the skill formula text areas to be inputs. This will allow users to delete the related Ability and return the formula to default more easily.
  • Updated style for dropdowns to match inputs
  • Switch around the value names of the Attack Total and Damage Totals so that the complete formula would appear in rolls.
    • related Total| max is now the auto calculated field showing the total of what's in the formula. Where related Total field is the customizable formula.

July 8, 2015 Pull Request #922

  • Attack template updated to allow for custom keys and values to appear before atkeffect
  • Expanded SagaDefault Roll Template for use with DC abilities such as Maneuvers and Force Powers.
  • Attacks and Skill sections now include the advanced ability to modify the calculations and the Roll Template
  • Updated NPC sheet to more closely mimic the layout of the PC sheet
  • Various cosmetic changes including the inline dice output for roll templates, Minimum sized tables

June 24, 2015 Pull Request #897

  • Hid the checkbox which show/hid the Skill Notes on PC sheet. Now click the skill name to make the section appear
  • Train and Focus header has been abbreviated to T and F to make room for the skill name column. That little bit of room allows all the columns to line up correctly and nicely.
  • Forced a minimum width on all 2 column headers and tables.
  • Use the Force skill notes weren't hiding if the Force sections were toggled to hidden

June 22, 2015 Pull Request #896

  • PC rolls will now include descriptors
  • Added show/hide sections for Force users, droids, Armor and for Starship maneuvers on PC sheet.
  • Added a new field for Immunity, Gender and Size
  • Each skill on the PC sheet now has a notes section which can be shown/hidden using the check box next to the skill name.
  • PC Statblock template with buttons to send to Chat, to GM, or to Self.
  • Added to the PC Reflex Mod drop down option to use the Max Dex from armor
  • The PC Defense Level/Armor field was converted to an autocalc field and now there's a fillable text field to put in the formula. So now you can put in the relevant calculation for that field
    • For example someone with Improved Armored Defense could put in: @{level}+[[floor(@{armorref}/2)]] Using floor rounds the armorRef/2 down for correct calculation
  • Various cosmetic changes to make the additions look nice.
  • New Roll Template "SagaDefault" which allows custom keys and values to be used.

June 8, 2015 Pull Request #883

  • Removed Origin input and instead used the space to make Class input longer.
  • Moved the BAB input
  • Added Dark Side Points input
  • Nested the Attribute and level formula into the inline rolls so they'll no longer show as floor(blah blah).
  • Removed the Total Force Point field and replaced it with Force Point dice.
  • Added built in button to roll Force Points using the newly re-designated Force Point field
  • On the NPC sheet you can now separate Non Heroic and Heroic levels which will make faster entry of calculations for NPCs.
    • The total levels still takes into account all levels for assigning Attack and Skill bonuses, but Non-Heroic Levels won't be counted for Defenses.

March 19, 2015 Pull Request #715

  • Turn order initiative roller was found to be using Perception total instead of Initiative total
  • NPC Turn order wasn't formatted with the new Roll Templates
  • Critical Info is now per weapon/attack
    • Crit Info will appear on Vehicle sheet

March 12, 2015 Pull Request #679

  • Fixed detrimental error which caused the rolls to not appear in the chat
  • Changed source of image away from Galactic Campaigns as their hosting is up in September
  • Adjusted CSS for text alignment for skill rolls (Rolls will be centered, but following rows will have a left alignment)
  • The Notes and Crew text wasn't being bolded in the Skill rolls
  • Changed color scheme to match the sheet
  • Forced max size

March 10, 2015 Pull Request #671

  • Initial Roll Template release
  • fixed an issue where the PC skill Trained and Focus columns weren't lining up
  • Added fields for Critical starting range and critical multiplier. Right now it is used for all Attacks.
  • Added CT to Attribute rolls on all tabs.
  • Made sure that Attack and Damage Other modifier prompt was appearing on PC and NPC tabs
  • Other Modifier (damage) will be added to the crit AFTER the damage roll is multiplied

November 24, 2014 Pull Request #503

  • Attack CT on NPC sheet was calculating with double negatives causing the calculation to not complete
  • Deception on PC sheet was defaulted to DEX mod not CHA

November 8, 2014 Pull Request #484

  • Fixed issue where CT, DT, Grapple, Reflex, Fort and Will were being confused between the NPC and PC tab and weren't being calculated correctly.

October 9, 2014 Pull Request #458

  • Was still missing the " for the Deception skill on PC sheet

August 15, 2014 Pull Request #405

  • Fixed issue with missing " in code for Climb and Deception skills on PC sheet

July 28, 2014 Pull Request #376

  • Fixed CT miscalculation for NPC sheet

July 20, 2014 Pull Request #376

  • Changed the formatting of Skill inputs
  • Fixed issue with the NPC Skill Repeating section roll not recognizing the attribute for Skill Name.

July 8, 2014 Pull Request #356

  • Re-hauled NPC sheet to match PC sheet values. To make them almost backwards compatible.
    • Those using old version NPC sheet will need to go through the Attributes page and change any values with 'npc-' to exclude that.
  • Skills now have a drop down for the modifier instead of assuming all characters will use the default.
    • Now Force users who substitute the skill with Use the Force can set up the Skill with the correct totals.

July 4, 2014 Pull Request #356

  • Added Dropdown to choose the Defense used for Damage Threshold for PCs and NPCs
  • Included total previews for skills section, quick skills and attacks in the event calculations are used. Preview with npc-CT.
  • More CSS and cosmetic fixes.

July 3, 2014 Pull Request #356

  • Fixed formatting issue with some Mod boxes being too wide

June 23, 2014

  • Included a tab for NPCs. Includes very limited auto-calculations as it's meant to be a shortcut to just adding an NPC.
    • There is however the capability to add very basic calculations. For Attacks, Damage and Skills.

June 20, 2014

  • Fixed the quick Perception and Initiative rolls
  • Added a prompt to all rolls for those last minute adjustmentsIncluded a tab for Vehicles.
    • This was originally meant to use stand alone. The vehicle would have it's own sheet, but could be used as an addition to a PC/NPC.
  • The prefix "vehicle-" must be used to reference Vehicle Attributes

May 15, 2014

  • Made XP, Credits and Carrying Wt text fields for more diverse inputs
  • Included tooltip titles for inputs
  • Created Size modifier drop down for Reflex and Carrying Capacity

May 7, 2014

  • Adjusted field size for Equipment weight, carrying capacity, XP & Max.
  • Added calculations for Grapple with rollAdded calculations for Reflex flat-footed
  • Damage field changed to text input
  • Fixed Attack roll button to correctly create new lines using ASCII code. Included descriptive text.

Advanced Usage

When using in macros, you will need to include the Character's name in the Attribute call, ie @{char name|str|max}. Alternatively you can create your macros using the @{target|str|max} or @{selected|str|max} options.


  • level @{level}
  • Half Level @{level|max}
  • Hit Points @{hp} and @{hp|max}
  • Damage Reduction @{DR}
  • Shield Rating @{SR} and @{SR|max}
  • Base Attack bonus @{BAB}

Ability Scores

  • Strength @{str}
  • Constitution @{con}
  • Dexterity @{dex}
  • Intelligence @{int}
  • Wisdom @{wis}
  • Charisma @{cha}
  • Ability modifiers @{___|max} ie @{str|max}

PC Specific

  • Reflex @{Reflex}
  • Flat Footed Reflex @{ReflexFlatFooted}
  • Fortitude @{Fortitude}
  • Will @{Will}
  • Condition Track Penalty @{CT}
  • Damage Threshold @{DT}
  • Grapple Total @{Grapple}
  • Critical Range@{WeaponCrit} (enter starting value, ie if 17-20, enter 17)
  • Critical Multiplier @{WeaponCrit|max}
PC Skill Totals
Includes CT penalty
  • Acrobatics @{Acrobatics}
  • Climb @{Climb}
  • Deception @{Deception}
  • Endurance @{Endurance}
  • Gather Information @{GatherInformation}
  • Initiative @{Initiative}
  • Jump @{Jump}
  • Knowledge (Bureaucracy) @{Knowledge-Bureaucracy}
  • Knowledge (Galactic Lore) @{Knowldge-GalacticLore}
  • Knowledge (Life Sciences) @{Knowledge-LifeSciences}
  • Knowledge (Physical Science) @{Knowledge-PhysicalScience}
  • Knowledge (Social Science) @{Knowledge-SocialScience}
  • Knowledge (Tactics) @{Knowledge-Tactics}
  • Knowledge (Technology) @{Knowledge-Technology}
  • Mechanics @{Mechanics}
  • Perception @{Perception}
  • Persuasion @{Persuasion}
  • Pilot @{Pilot}
  • Ride @{Ride}
  • Stealth @{Stealth}
  • Survival @{Survival}
  • Swim @{Swim}
  • Treat Injury @{TreatInjury}
  • Use Computer @{UseComputer}
  • Use Force @{UseForce}
  • Astrogate @{Astrogate}
  • Craft @{Craft}
PC Attack Repeating Section
Replace x with the row number
  • Weapon Name @{repeating_attack_X_WeaponName}
  • Weapon Type @{repeating_attack_X_WeaponName|max}
  • Attack Mod @{repeating_attack_X_attackMod}
  • Attack Misc Mod @{repeating_attack_X_attackModMisc}
  • Base Damage @{repeating_attack_X_damage}
  • Damage Mod @{repeating_attack_X_damageMod}
  • Damage Misc Mod @{repeating_attack_X_damageMisc}
  • Attack Notes @{repeating_attack_X_WeaponNotes|max}
  • Weapon Notes @{repeating_attack_X_WeaponNotes}
  • Repeating Skills Replace X with the row number
    • Name @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_Skill}
    • Total @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_SkillTotal}
    • Formula @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_Skill|max}
    • Notes @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_SkillNotes}

NPC Specific

  • Reflex @{NPC-Reflex}
  • Flat Footed Reflex @{NPC-ReflexFlatFooted}
  • Fortitude @{NPC-Fortitude}
  • Will @{NPC-Will}
  • Damage Threshold @{NPC-DT}
  • Grapple Total @{NPC-Grapple}
  • Critical Range@{WeaponCrit} (enter starting value, ie if 17-20, enter 17)
  • Critical Multiplier @{WeaponCrit|max}
NPC Skill Totals
Includes CT penalty
  • Initiative @{Initiative}
  • Perception @{Perception}
  • Repeating Skills Replace X with the row number
    • Name @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_Skill}
    • Total @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_SkillTotal}
    • Formula @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_Skill|max}
    • Notes @{repeating_NPC-Skill_X_SkillNotes}
NPC Attack Repeating Section
Replace X with the row number
  • Weapon Name @{repeating_npc-attack_X_WeaponName}
  • Weapon Type @{repeating_npc-attack_X_WeaponName|max}
  • Attack @{repeating_npc-attack_X_attack}
  • Damage @{repeating_npc-attack_X_damage}
  • Attack Notes @{repeating_npc-attack_X_WeaponNotes|max}
  • Weapon Notes @{repeating_npc-attack_X_WeaponNotes}


To use in macros the character name must be included. All checks will be inline: Roll Name [[1d20 + Total + ?{Other Modifier|0}]]. If you want to customize the roll output use the attributes to create Ability/Macros. It is advised to put the roll itself [[inline]] or you will get the full math formula displayed.

PC Specific

  • Abilities ie. %{strCheck}
  • Skills ie. %{AcrobaticsCheck} or %{Knowledge-GalacticLoreCheck}
  • Initiative (Turn Order) %{InitiativeTurn} The token must be selected for this to work correctly
  • Status %{Status}
  • Grapple %{GrappleCheck}
  • Attack Repeating Section %{repeating_attack_X_WeaponCheck} replace x with row number. As of this time, rolls cannot be accessed.

NPC Specific

  • Abilities ie. %{NPC-strCheck}
  • Skills ie. %{NPC-PerceptionCheck} or %{NPC-InitiativeCheck}
  • Initiative (Turn Order) %{NPC-InitiativeTurn} The token must be selected for this to work correctly
  • Grapple %{NPC-GrappleCheck}
  • Attack Repeating Section %{repeating_npc-attack_X_WeaponCheck} replace x with row number. As of this time, rolls cannot be accessed.
  • Skills Repeating Section %{repeating_npc-skill_X_SkillCheck} replace x with row number. As of this time, rolls cannot be accessed.

See Also