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Tabletop Twitch

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Tabletop Twitch streams a large variety of gaming sessions, tutorials (on subjects including character creation, drawing maps, writing plots, and more), and podcasts on various tabletop-related topics.



Tabletop Twitch is a channel that live-streams Aaron and his group of ten players playing various tabletop RPGs. The channel also streams "DM Streams," where Aaron creates content (from maps to entire campaigns) live with the viewers, and discusses topics requested by viewers (such as "How to Make a Character"). What makes Tabletop Twitch unique is that any viewer can come with suggestions that the DM will attempt to add into the story. Got a good idea for a plot/dungeon/monster/trap? Then you can suggest it in chat and the DM will make it happen! The players do not have access to the stream chat, and thus all suggestions are a surprise (and a challenge) to them! On top of this, the members of Tabletop Twitch are extremely social and use Discord to chat with viewers off-stream during the week. We also hold contests and giveaways for viewers, where they can win free books and assets! Aaron has been DM'ing for the past 6+ years, and has a passion for digital art, roleplaying and storytelling. He's a programming student working towards a Masters in Algorithms at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Featured Games & Editions

D&D 3.5E
D&D 5E

Past Shows & VODs

Pathfinder: The Eldritch Tomes

Here we follow the story of some rag-tag aspiring "heroes" trying to save a realm from chaos and civil war. But mostly it involves them getting themselves into terrible situations, and causing more harm than good.

Symbaroum: The Darkness of Davokar

Dark and brutal. Players die pretty much every single session, caused by monsters, infections, or even hunger. Thus every players is required to have three or more back-up characters ready for any stream. Their only goal is to survive as long as possible in a world that has fallen to darkness, against creatures that are far more powerful than they can ever dream to become.

DM Streams

Various podcasts, tutorial streams, and content creation streams, hosted by the DM Aaron. During these streams Aaron covers various topics and creates content for future campaigns, such as maps or events. Viewers can request a DM Stream to cover certain topics and to create specific content for the players to experience.