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Talk:Dice Reference

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Roll Queries

Sometimes you may have a roll (or a macro) which you want to change every time it is rolled. For example, you may want to roll a variable number of dice, or add a different modifier onto the roll each time you perform the action. Roll Queries allow you to prompt whoever is performing the roll to fill in a value when the roll is made. The syntax for a roll query is:

?{Prompt Message}
/roll ?{Number of Dice}d20
//You can also include a default value:
/roll ?{Number of Dice|1}d20
// 1 would be the default

You can use Roll Queries in rolls, macros, abilities, emotes, whispers -- pretty much anywhere in the app. Note that if you use the same exact wording for a Query, Roll20 will only ask for the value the first time it's encountered in the roll. So in this example:

/roll 1d20 + ?{Bonus1} vs ?{MinToSucceed} + ?{Bonus1}

Roll20 will ask for "Bonus1" only once and use it in both places.

Roll Query Prompts

Rather than prompt for input, you can specify a list of possible values which will be presented as a dropdown box. Simply specify a list of values separated by the | character and they will show up in the dropdown:

?{Number of charges to expend?|1|2|3}

In addition, you may provide a label for each value to make your queries more descriptive. To add labels, prepend each value with some text, separated by a comma:

?{Which type of ammo?|Regular,1d8|Silent,1d6|Explosive,3d6!}

Dice command shortcut

You can use /r for /roll and /gr for /gm roll. Maybe a good idea to add it in the main page? =)


"Modfiers" should be "Modifiers", and "Mutliple" should be "Multiple". These typos are at the beginning of sections 17.4, 17.5, and 17.6.

Possible Error in Roll20 Reroll Once command

The reroll once section explains that a command like 2d6ro<2 should reroll each die only once, as is necessary in 5e. How this is done, based on in-game rolls I've been doing, seems to be to get the total dice, and only allow that many rerolls. That isn't how the example, though, 5E works. I'm not sure if it's an error with the roller, or maybe it just shouldn't mention 5e. In 5e, Great Weapon Fighting allows rerolls of 1's and 2's, and should be represented (with a greatsword, and ignoring modifiers) with 2d6ro<2. If I were to roll, say, a 1 and 6, I should get to reroll a single die, to replace the 1. If I rolled a 2 to replace that one, my total roll should be 8, and I should be finished, but Roll20 will then allow me to reroll that 2, as well, and give me an additional die, for 4 rolls total, instead of ending at a single reroll for a single initial die of 1 or 2. I can get the correct roll via grouping, in this case, {1d6ro<2}+{1d6ro<2}, but I don't know if this is an error, and I don't know where else to put this.