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Talk:Heroes Unlimited 2E

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There is several missing things, initiative is a d20 plus bonus not d100. there is no D20 roll for attacks as well for combat, initiative should be in the same area for combat. stats/Attributes go to 50 cap for general humans max. it is. if you could please go back to the normally palladium sheet for formulas and copy them over.

Kraynic here:

Initiative isn't 1d100 on the sheet, so I'm not sure where you get the impression that it is. I removed your comment about initiative in the api section of the page. The macro you mentioned there won't pull in initiative bonuses from Hand to Hand or a high P.P. stat. If you look in the Character tab section of the article (and the Resources and Rolls subsection), you will see how initiative is calculated and why I did it that way. The initiative is also mentioned along with the Hand to Hand toggle a bit farther along in the article.

I'm not sure what you mean by no d20 roll for combat. Strike, parry, dodge, roll with punch/impact, etc. are all d20 rolls.

If you don't like the layout of the sheet, then you can set about changing it, either for yourself or for everyone. If you do alter the public version of the sheet, be sure to add yourself to the sheet.json as an author.

I have no idea what all people will want to do, so I don't think it is worth setting up a sheetworker hard cap for stats. I know some people talking about pushing stats really high sometimes on the Palladium forums. Just because I have no intention of ever playing that way doesn't mean someone else won't, so I tried to leave the sheet at least somewhat homebrew friendly.

I'm not sure what normal Palladium sheet you mean. It might be best to take this to the forums (public or PM). Then screenshots of things, macros, or snippets of code are easier to share.