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Master Volume Control In addition to the Game Master's control of individual track volume in the Jukebox tab, each person connected to the game can also use the Master Volume Control located under the Settings tab to control the volume level of all music being played.

However, this setting resets each time the session is closed and must be changed by the user during the next session. Is it possible for the system to remember my preference for music volume?

Search quality seems poor

Is it just me or is the Jukebox's search capabilities rather poor? It seems to be unable to recognise exact phrase search, provides no way to search for all keywords without exception, and more often than not doesn't seem to bother ordering things for relevance - to the point where I can only find decent songs by knowing a particular one with a single unique or uncommon non-english word to locate it by. This seems mostly to be an issue with SoundCloud itself, however - I've compared search queries between the jukebox and their site with saddeningly similar results.

Regarding the point of surefire keyword limitations, however - the Jukebox search function chokes on non-ASCII characters, in contrast to SoundCloud's search functionality, which is rather disappointing to see in this day and age, and only further complicates the difficulty of finding decent music whether by keywords or unique names.

I understand working around the first is difficult to the point of being virtually impossible (I certainly wouldn't want to undertake the attempt without more direct querying access to their database), but the second should probably be looked into if at all possible.

Anyone got any other suggestions for coming up with songs that don't suck? --Temia (talk) 23:10, 10 December 2013 (EST)

Search using the Sound Cloud Website

My advice would be to browse songs using the Sound Cloud website. It is true that the search functionality there is a bit remedial, but you can get by if you're clever about searching for themes and songs that fit the ambience you're looking for. For Pathfinder/D&D style medieval rpg's, I've had a lot of luck with video game related titles like "The Witcher" and "Game of Thrones" soundtracks. Remember that you can search for something that you found in soundcloud directly by pasting the URL in the Roll20 jukebox search box...