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AfDs for this article:
    {{Special:Prefixindex/Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/{{{pg}}}}}
[[{{{pg}}}]] ([{{fullurl:{{{pg}}}|action=edit}} edit] | [[Talk:{{{pg}}}|talk]] | [{{fullurl:{{{pg}}}|action=history}} history] | [{{fullurl:{{{pg}}}|action=protect}} protect] | [{{fullurl:{{{pg}}}|action=delete}} delete] | [{{fullurl:Special:Whatlinkshere/{{{pg}}}|limit=999}} links] | [{{fullurl:{{{pg}}}|action=watch}} watch] | logs | views) – (<includeonly>View AfD</includeonly><noinclude>View log</noinclude> • Stats)
(Find sources: "{{{pg}}}"newsnewspapersbooksscholarJSTOR)


[view] [edit] [history] [purge] Documentation icon Template documentation


  |pg=Jonah Cristall-Clarke
  |text=The subject of this article does not meet the guidelines for notability. ~~~~

For the template to work properly, don't forget to substitute using subst:.


Code Result
{{subst:afd2|pg=Article|text=Sample text}}


Article (edit | talk | history | protect | delete | links | watch | logs | views) – (View AfD)
(Find sources: "Article"newsnewspapersbooksscholarJSTOR)

Sample text