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Template:Api repository link

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Links to a file on the GitHubLogo.png.

{{api-gh}}, {{repo}} are simpler versions of this.


Name Description
directory Directory from the root of the repository that the file is located in. Defaults to the first anonymous parameter.
file File within the directory to link to. Defaults to the second anonymous parameter.
ext File extension of the file to link to. Defaults to the third anonymous parameter.

If ext is supplied, the link is guaranteed to link to a file; if file is not supplied (for example, {{api repository link|ext=js|Foo}}), the directory will be used for the file name as well.


Wikitext Output Notes
{{api repository link|Foo}} Foo This links to /tree/master/Foo
{{api repository link|Foo|Bar}} Bar This links to /blob/master/Foo/Bar
{{api repository link|Foo|ext=md}} Foo This links to /blob/master/Foo/
{{api repository link|Foo|Bar|json}} Bar This links to /blob/master/Foo/Bar.json