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{{}} template works better

Template for linking to youtube pages/videos/profiles, shows the YT logo next to the link so it's clear it goes outside the wiki.

The template provides the part of the url, so you need to copy the rest of the url after it. it uses the instead of so that links to profiles & playlists also work, not just links to videos. Leave a space after the url and then write the title(or similar), before closing the template. If you give it no name, the link will say [1] instead.

{{yt|watch?v=y7TiougaEJc Roll20 Community Roundtable March 2021}}

For links with the format, you can use the {{}} template instead, or add watch?v= in front of the string of characters.

You have the link to the "5 Roll20 Crash Course - Rolling Dice"-video, then the correct result will be {{yt|watch?v=xKXpKIiB5WM|Roll20 Crash Course - Rolling Dice}}, resulting in this: Youtube-logo.png

normal yt link if you dint use the template: Roll20 Crash course