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I have a question about the Initiative macro. It seems like the values are always coming out 1 less than they should. For instance, my wife just rolled a 2, but when we hovered over the roll, the actual d20 roll was a 3, and her modifier is 0. Therefore, she should have had an init of 3, correct? Not the 2 that was shown. According to the details, it's taking the d20 roll and adding "floor((8-10)/2)" which is always going to come out to -1, right? I don't know where the values 8 and 10 are getting pulled from, unless they are hardcoded into the macro. Those seem to be the same for every character I looked at, regardless of their stats, and all of them seem to have this issue. I understand using a floor() to deal with odd level rounding things, but for init it seems to be overkill. Why not just do the simple 1d20 + init mod = players init? Help understanding this would be appreciated.

Offhand bonus damage

Hi, damage bonuses should not be included when performing offhand weapon attacks. However, apart from creating a negative die-roll modifier there is no way to change this in the sheet I can see. For example if my character wields two crossbows the offhand attack should have no damage modifier however the character sheet adds one nonetheless.


Coin Weight Bug

The coin weight calculation lacks parentheses, and results in an incorrect total weight. The correct weight of your coins should be the total of all coins divided by 50, however without parentheses only the final coin type total is divided. Ex; the correct calculation for carrying 1 platinum, 191 gold, 161 electrum, 183 silver, and 150 copper would be (1+191+161+183+150)/50=13.72, however the sheet actually calculates it as 1+191+161+183+150/50=539. This can be sidestepped by either tracking all coins in copper only, or by ignoring the weight calculation on the sheet entirely.

Is it possible to get this fixed?