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That DnD Podcast

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That DnD Podcast is a group of 7 nerds playing tabletop games and recording their adventures for listeners and viewers to help show how these games play in action.



That DnD Podcast started way back in May of 2014. Chris Castillo wanted to get some friends to play games, but they were all spread around the country. Thanks to Roll20 and Google+, the group was able to play RPGs online!

Things started off slow but the team eventually decided to try some new rule sets out as well. Nowadays they publish audio and video recordings of their play sessions so that folks can see how the games look and perhaps be inspired to run a game of their own!

That DnD Podcast Cast

[Chris Castillo] as "DM"
Mike Berard as "Backup DM"
Andrew Oatway

Adam Grech

David Novak
Renee Doiron

Robert Castillo

Featured Games & Editions

13th Age
Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeuf
Apocalypse World
D&D (5e)
D&D (4e)
Dungeon World

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Live Channels & VODs


Community events like online game nights or listener mini-campaigns.




Liveplay sessions of ongoing campaigns & playtest sessions of new game systems.

That DnD Podcast