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TheSeppola is a Norwegian wannabe viking who lives out his adventuring life through D&D. He likes to make people laugh and in this regard, made a youtube channel and a Twitch channel to try to spread the joy with the world.



He is a entertainer from the cold North. TheSeppola AKA Tor Erik, although only non swordwielding mortals calls him this, is a 28 year young bearded and tattooed fella who likes to make mediastuff. He likes and wants to learn more about editing and animating. He likes animals and as such, aquired a few fourlegged beings. One of which is his newborn son, who still use his tummy for movement.

He got diagnosed with a DVT that rendered him incapable of ""real"" work as of 2015, and wants to fill his time with all his hobbies to keep him from going mad. He likes movies, games and all fantasy. He also likes to draw!

Featured Games & Editions

5E D&D

Our D&D Homebrew World

Past Show & VODs


New STD&D follows semi-brave adventurers on their quests around Asrakhor, a dangerous, but also wonderous place in the mind of a sometimes sadistic DM. The party, nor anyone else ever knows what will happen and more often than not, the party takes it upon themselves to challenge the sanity of the DM.


Old STD&D follows a party of unique characters (a half orc, an elf, a tiefling and a dwarf) in their quest to take over the world. The character often struggle with their wildly different views, and the dwarf has an ulterior motive of expanding his new bar.

STD&D Cast

DM Teo