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Token Tooltip

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a token showing it's tooltip when hovering mouse over it

Main Page: Token Features

The Token Tooltip text will appear below a token when the mouse is held over it. The feature was released Oct. 5th, 2021.

This text box will allow you to add tooltips that can be read by a screen reader to a token or a card. After entering the text for the tooltip make sure there is a checkmark in the box labeled “Show”. There is a 150 character limit for text entered into the tooltip text field.

The tooltip input on Token Settings


Tooltip examples (Dec 2021)
  • all spaces and linebreaks are removed, so formatting result is hard
  • most unicode characters & even emojis can be displayed
  • Tokens/Cards Tooltips - Announcement(Forum) - contains some tips & tricks
  • API can write to the tooltip to exceed the character limit, but additional characters cannot be hand-edited. (May 2022)
  • usecases:
    • Could be used as for displaying character name, instead of nameplate
    • With API, could be used to display HP or stats, and update when they change
    • Useful for landing pages

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