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Byron is a roleplaying enthusiast with over twenty years of experience across multiple continents. He primarily DMs and enjoys creating rich, compelling narratives with his groups of players.



Byron grew up in the South before enlisting in the Marine Corps at the age of eighteen. He reconnected with his love for roleplaying during his time on active duty while he was stationed throughout the United States and overseas. He began streaming TTRPGs in Spring 2015 to share his love for the storytelling and to give back to the community.

When not planning, prepping, or running games he enjoys casual gaming, recreational weightlifting, and the company of his partner and fellow gamer Balinda. His love for real life adventure includes an enthusiasm for martial arts and competitive marksmanship.

Featured Games & Editions

5E D&D
World of Darkness


Live Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Title Crimson Chains Twitch Plays D&D Race to Dagger Peak Twitch Makes D&D Good Girls Gone Bad
Game System D&D 5E D&D 5E D&D 5E D&D 5E D&D 5E
Time 7pm CT 7pm CT 7pm CT 7pm CT 7pm CT

Show Descriptions & VODs

Good Girls Gone Bad

A group of young children scarred by tragedy in early childhood are reunited after over a decade of separation. Follow their journey as they attempt to carve a place for themselves in a harsh and unforgiving land.

Crimson Chains

A band of escaped Thayan slaves find themselves awakening from a centuries long slumber. The world as they knew it is gone; anthropomorphic beasts and the monstrous races of the world have emerged at the top of the food chain while the humanoid races scramble to survive in their shadow.

Twitch Plays D&D

A rotating cast of players and characters all bound in service to the Brotherhood of the Red Flagon, an adventuring cartel of growing fame and importance on the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms.

Race to Dagger Peak

An introductory game for newer players and veterans alike; inspired from the hex based crawlers of old, each session is told in a single night as the party races toward the decennial banquet of Archwizard Humpergrump.

Twitch Makes D&D

Join TypicalGM and his father OriginalGM as Twitch creates the story and encounters for the next week of Twitch Plays D&D. Every voice is heard, every vote counted.