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Plays D&D, Deadlands, Dungeon World.

Member of the Nerd Herd stream staff.

Character Sheets Redesigned:

  • Deadlands: Classic

API Library's Created:

  • MythicGM

Arcane Scriptomancer.png Achievement get! Arcane Scriptomancer
Sheet Auteur.png Achievement get! Sheet Auteur
Artpatron.png Achievement get! Patron of the Arts
Script Runner.png Achievement get! Script Runner
Played1000.png Achievement get! K Club
Playedwith100.png Achievement get! Representative
GM Count5.png Achievement get! Friendly Neighborhood GM
Rolled10000.png Achievement get! It's Raining Dice
Consecutive10.png Achievement get! One Of Us
Never Ending Story.png Achievement get! Never Ending Story