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Advanced Macros for 5th and 6th Edition

Macros for Initiative, Attack, Defense, and Skill Test utilizing the default template of roll20.
Requirements to use this macro successfully:

  • A player token must be selected.
  • bar1 and bar2 are considered to be physical and stun condition monitors. It does not matter which is which, but they can't be empty. So the red bubble and the blue bubble have to be at least 0.
  • Modifiers like damage compensators need to be taken into account manually.

&{template:default} {{name=**@{selected|token_name}** Rolls for **Initiative**}}{{Physical Damage:= @{selected|bar1} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]])}} {{Stun Damage:= @{selected|bar2} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]])}} {{Initiative result: = [[+?{Sum of (Reaction+Intuition)|0}+?{Initiative Dices|0}d6-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]]-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]]&{tracker}]]}}

&{template:default} {{name=**@{selected|token_name} Attacks!**}} {{Pysical Damage:= @{selected|bar1} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]]D6)}} {{Stun Damage:= @{selected|bar2} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]]D6)}} {{Successes: = [[(?{Sum of (Attribute+Skill+Modifier)|0}-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]]-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]])d6>5]]}}

&{template:default} {{name=**@{selected|token_name}** Rolls for **Defense**}} {{Physical Damage:= @{selected|bar1} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]]D6)}} {{Stun Damage:= @{selected|bar2} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]]D6)}} {{Sucesses: = [[(?{Sum of (Reaction+Intuition)|0}-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]]-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]])d6>5]]}}

Skill Check
&{template:default} {{name=**@{selected|token_name}** Rolls for **?{What do you want to roll for?|perception?}**}} {{Physical Damage:= @{selected|bar1} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]]D6)}} {{Stun Damage:= @{selected|bar2} (-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]]D6)}} {{Sucesses: = [[(?{Sum of (Attribute+Skill+Modifier)|0}-[[floor(@{selected|bar1}/3)]]-[[floor(@{selected|bar2}/3)]])d6>5]]}}