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Emrys T.

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I run the Hyperion Voyages campaign.

The Hyperion Voyages Campaign Setting is a custom setting a friend of mine and I have been building for years. The basic premise of the setting is "What if D&D advanced 3000 years?" Space Travel, Nanotechnology, Cyberspace, Hacking, Corporate Espionage, and Alien Cultures will be the bread and butter of this game.

If you've never played D&D 3.5e (or just never played D&D outright), I have character packages and ready-to-play characters that will make getting started a breeze. (Worried about dying? There's a way to be essentially-immortal at level 1! Want to play as a dragon? There are 10 kinds of dragons available!)

The Nitty-Gritty

We'll likely be starting out at level 1 so that everyone can get accustomed to the game, but if everyone wants to start at a higher level I'm willing to go as high as 5th level starting-out. The campaign will run as long as everyone's interested.

I'm by no means a "Killer GM", but I've put so many character protections and rewards in place that I will not hesitate to knock unconscious, imprison, or kill your character if you do something mind-bogglingly stupid (although I'll always let you know why it's stupid before it's irreversible). I try to follow the letter and spirit of the rules, and will gladly admit when I fuck up.

I prefer to have my players set their character ideas in stone (as ideas) before I make the encounters and such proper, and it's important to me that I know what kind of game you're looking for so far as humor-level.

Almost any standard book is allowed (including Dragon Magazines), although there is some banned material in specific books.

More Details

This link is to a 1-Page Introduction Treatment of how this campaign will NOT be like typical D&D on a nuts-and-bolts level.