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Kaylin P. - EST Zone

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My Userpage layout

Sorry for not getting back to you, Philip. The notification that I had a message on my talk page didn't stand out at all! I need to talk to Riley about that.

However, it seems that you figured out that you can simply look at the wiki source for my userpage, and you've implemented it yourself without too much difficulty! Congrats! You even managed to get a new Userbox put in.

As a sidenote, when leaving a message on any wiki talk page, you should sign your comment (especially if you're commenting on a user's talk page, so they can know who the heck is contacting them without checking the page history). You can sign your comment by cliking the signature button at the top of the editing area (between italics text and insert link), which will insert --~~~~ into your post. If you want to enter your signature manually, only the tildes are mandatory (~~~~), and you can use 3 tildes instead of 4 to include your name only and not the time/date (~~~), although it's uncommon to do so. You can modify what your signature looks like in your preferences. For example, on another wiki, when I write ~~~, I get:  FW (talk · contrib

Finally, if and when you reply to this comment, please do so on my user talk, otherwise I won't get a notification for it. It's a little strange to read, but that's how conversations between two users on their talk pages works on a MediaWiki wiki. --Brian (talk) 04:16, 16 February 2014 (EST)