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VS Code

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Visual Studio Code(VS Code) is a popular text editor. It's free, and available for Windows/Linux/Mac, as well as accessible online through

VS Code has some uses with Roll20, primarily for editing complicated macros, and for Character Sheet Creation.



Here are some useful VS Code extensions:

Roll20 Syntax Highlight

Showcase of Roll20 Macros

Roll20 Macros by Andreas J.

Extension to make roll20 macro and API command writing & troubleshooting easier. Highlight works when you use VSCode to view .rmacro-files.


  • bracket pairing & highlights
    • shows with colors which brackets/parentheses belong together(making mismatched brackets easier to find)
    • does this for roll20 macros syntax too (@{ }, ?{ }, %{ }, &{ }, $[[ ]])
  • syntax highlight
    • roll, macro & API commands (e.g. /r, !example, #dex)
    • in dice rolls, d & dF
    • some common keywords, like selected, template, %%NEWLINE%%
    • special characters used in macros (e.g. ~,|#=+, and HTML Entities)
  • Features: full summary

Roll20 Sheet Dev

Showcase of Roll20 Sheet Dev

Roll20 Sheet Dev by Andreas J.

Extension to help with Character Sheet Development.


Other Extensions