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World of Darkness

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World of Darkness refers to two related, but distinct, fictional universes created as settings for supernatural horror themed role-playing games.

See Category:World of Darkness for all WoD/CoD-related pages.

Classic World of Darkness

Main Page: Classic World of Darkness

Classic World of Darkness (cWoD),also known as just World of Darkness, Original World of Darkness or Old World of Darkness oWoD was the original world/game created in 1991, that continued releasing games until 2004. The games system for playing CWoD games is called the Storyteller System.

All Roll20 character sheet for these games are categorized under "Storyteller System" in the dropdown. Roll20 have a long list of character sheet for the various cWoD games.

20th Anniversary Editions

Several of the cWoD games received a 20th Anniversary Edition between 2011 and 2018, published by Onyx Path Publishing.

Most or all 20th games have a Roll20 character sheets, but they can't be mixed and matched.

New World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness

Main Page: New World of Darkness

New World of Darkness (nWoD), also known as Chronicles of Darkness(CoD) is the line of games published since 2004 by White Wolf. The games system for playing NWoD games is called the Storytelling System. All Roll20 character sheet for this are categorized under "Storytelling System" in the dropdown.

Roll20 have an official NWoD/CoD-character sheet named Chronicles of Darkness by Roll20(was previously known as "New World of Darkness Official").

After White Wolf was purchased by Paradox Interactive in October 2015, the franchise was re-branded in December 2015. The "new World of Darkness" was renamed "Chronicles of Darkness", while the "Classic World of Darkness" has retained the name "World of Darkness".