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ADnD 1st Edition Character sheet

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Revision as of 14:14, 13 January 2022 by Andreas J. (Talk | contribs)

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The AD&D 1E sheet currently maintained/updated by Vince.

In the sheet selection menu it's named as: Advanced 1st Edition.


AD&D 1e Sheet Guide

Latest Updates

  • 11/14/21' v1.59 beta
    • Visual/Background: continuing to convert sheet from tables(deprecated) to css grid, div, span, label, etc.
  • 10/21/21' v1.58
    • all repeating attributes have been renamed to help eliminate any attribute naming conflicts. On-sheet migration should make this translation seamless, but any custom macros, on/off the sheet that use the older repeating attribute names will need to be updated.
    • Please read the Sheet Announcements and/or the latest forum thread for details.


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