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example of Beyond20 in use

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Beyond20 is an unofficial browser plugin that links Roll20 and DnDbeyond, and among things enables you to use your DnDBeyond character sheets to roll dice to Roll20's q Text Chat. Beyond20 have no ties to Roll20 or DnDBeyond, and is completely unofficial.

It's available both on Chrome and Firefox.


See their features-page for the full list. Here is a short version:

  • makes all the kinds of dice rolls on Roll20, from your DnDB char sheet
    • class resources like Bardic Inspiration & Superiority Dice
    • supports many custom rolls
  • Spells
    • can display spell card info on Roll20, and the spellcards have buttons to roll the spells
    • spells can be rolled directly sing the normal templates.
  • display NPC stablock in chat
  • D&D Beyond character specific options
  • plugin have bunch of customization options
DNDBeyond & Roll20 -using the Beyond20 browser plugin, 14min, by azathought ( March 2020)

The Beyond20 rolls are outputted in the q Text Chat to look like the rolls from the D&D 5E by Roll20
Character   Sheet
char sheet, but can also fallback to use the Default Template.