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Code of Conduct

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We hold a high standard for discussion in the community areas of our site (including the Forums, Looking for Group system, and Wiki), beyond our Terms of Service. By choosing to participate in the community here, you are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined below. This is our community, and as stewards of it, we have an obligation to promote a healthy and positive discourse.


Intended Use

The Roll20 Forums exist to discuss topics directly related to the use of the Roll20 program. Anything that more fittingly could be discussed on another website SHOULD be discussed there.

Common Courtesy

It is expected that all discussions here will have a tone of respect. While the members of our community are growing rapidly in number, it remains important to us that all discussions remain intelligent and amicable. There will be no tolerance for person-based attacks, passed judgment (be it on issues ranging from gameplay to lifestyles), or incendiary language (dramatic communication with the intention of provoking a strong reaction from other users). This does not mean that debate is disallowed -- only that it is to be constructive. However, critiquing posts is only allowed if the original poster specifically requests a critique.

Civil Discussion

Posts should be centered around adding to our community in an intelligent manner. Trolling, whining, passive aggression, reliance on memes, spamming, irritating repetition (including topic duplication), and intentionally unclear or misleading posts are not welcome. Further, while these areas are intended for adults, clearly explicit content is prohibited. Please make an effort to use the best grammar available to you.

No Piracy Allowed

We will not allow the encouragement or distribution of pirated works. This is not meant to target the showing of interfaces or fan work accomplishments -- only actions that undermine the rights and property of others.

Competing Interests and Sales

Any promotion of outside sales items or fundraising is prohibited without prior approval. Exceptions will be granted only for items that are of strong interest to the community AND do not compete with our own products. Please contact for approval.

See below for information on Paid GMing.

Official Sources of Information

While we encourage all of our users to aid each other by answering questions and making suggestions, the only official source of information regarding Roll20 comes directly from posters marked as members of the
Roll20 Dev Team
Mod Team
. Any requests made by them within a topic require strict adherence.

No Predictions of Developer or Moderation Action

Any and all posts predicting how a Developer or Moderator will address an issue will be deleted, with the offending poster being banned. If you see an issue on the forums you think needs attention, please "Report" the post and let the moderators address it-- do not attempt to publicly solve (or predict the solution) yourself.

Looking for Group

LFG listings for 18+ games must be marked as such. Any content in your public LFG listing including your game description, username, or game forum posts, must be PG-13 in nature, content that breaks our CoC or ToS will be removed.

Each individual Roll20 game should operate in a spirit of consent for both the Game Masters and players involved; everyone should be in agreement as to the actions happening around their virtual table.

Please only reply in LFG listings that you are actually interested in joining. Comments that do not reflect the original poster's request are considered “off-topic” and against the CoC.

Roll20’s Looking for Group tool is only for games being played in Roll20. Any listings advertising for games or groups outside of Roll20 will be removed from the site.

Pay to Play/Paid GMing

For the time being, paid Game Mastering is allowed without prior approval. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. ​

Pay to Play games on the LFG Forum require a link to their [Looking for Group] Tool listing and may not be advertised on the LFG forum without a link to their LFG listing. ​

Any Pay to Play games on the LFG Tool and/or Forum that do not list method, amount, and frequency of payment will be considered off-topic and disabled.

Links to Patreon (or other Patreon-like sites) are only permitted for pre-approved community members who are contributing either Character Sheets or API Scripts. If you wish to solicit your players directly for funding you may do so privately, but no such links are permitted in a public forum.

Enforcement of this Code

Use of the community areas is a privilege and not a right. By participating in the Roll20 forums, Looking for Group system, and other community areas of Roll20, you are agreeing to abide by this Code. If you choose to disregard it or attempt to circumvent its spirit, we will take appropriate action, including removal of your ability to participate in the community areas. This applies equally to both free and paid users of Roll20.

Individual Forum Aid

Several forums have unique posting elements. Be certain you see to their individual guidelines:

Code of Conduct Last Updated: December 13, 2016