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Main Page: Compendium

You can not (yet) create Custom Compendium entries in Roll20 for normal i Compendium interaction or to be used in the Charactermancer.

Creating & Editing Compendiums is a popular request, but not a feature that that Roll20 have yet. They consider the current, internal tools used for the system needing more work, before Custom Compendiums can even be considered to start working on a user-accessible version. No timeline have been give when it might eventually get done.

You can vote & follow the discussion on the Custom Compendium(Forum) suggestion thread.

Latest Official Roll20 response (Kenton, Feb 11) (Forum)

(Personal Opinion/Prediction) Custom Compendiums won't be available until early 2022, at best. But they haven't anything about working on the feature, so it's really far away. Andreas J. (talk) 14:06, 28 July 2021 (UTC)

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