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DnD5e Shaped Character Sheet

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General Information


  • Mark Lenser (Mark on, @mlenser on Twitter) - page author
  • Rouby - tooltips and German translations
  • Heather Lazar (HLazar on - wiki content contributor



The D&D 5e Shaped Character Sheet, sometimes referred to as the 5e Shaped Character Sheet, is for use in the Roll20 system during Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition gameplay. It is based on the design of the original D&D 5e Character Sheet by John Myles. Modifications have been made to the original design to present the information in a more concise, readable way so that users can find information quickly.

Please see the Character Sheet wiki page for general information about setting and using character sheets. To use this sheet in your game, select Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition (Shaped) in your game settings.

The shaped sheet includes both a Player (PC) and an NPC option. The pertinent option can be toggled in the upper left of the sheet. The Player sheet is green when toggled on and the NPC sheet is purple when toggled on. Whether the PC or NPC sheet, there are various tabs in blue just below the header information and when selected will show the active tab in the window below it. The currently selected tab is a darker blue than the other tabs. The gear icon tab is a settings tab which modifies various things about the sheet as a whole. Finally, if you click on the Show All tab, every tab is shown at once and the various sections are seen by scrolling down the page.

The purpose of this wiki is to describe in detail the attributes, rolls and details of each of the PC and NPC tabs; Core Stats, Weapons, Spells, Background, Class, Armor, Inventory, Settings, Show All, and Traits & Actions.

There is an option in the top right of the sheet to present the sheet in English, German or French languages.

If you are starting fresh with the D&D 5e Shaped Character Sheet, just enter your character information as normal. If you are converting from the original D&D 5e Character Sheet, see the next section about which things have changed and will need to be edited.

Changes from Original 5e Sheet

While most items remain the same from John Myle's original sheet, various things have been modified and will need to be re-entered in the sheet if converting.

In the Player Character Sheet, the following will need to be altered

  • Armor - will need to be completely re-entered
  • Vision - will need to be completely re-entered
  • Spells - allows for categorization by Prepared, Ritual, and Concentration
  • Class specific
    • Expertise - will need to be toggled in the skills section
    • Jack of All Trades - will need to be toggled in the skills section

The NPC Character Sheet does not allow for much anything to cross over. However, the old NPC sheet is included and there is a an import script that allows for NPC characters to be imported to the NPC sheet.

Update Instructions

The character sheet will update about every week to the newest version. However, if you wish to manually update to the sheet, please follow these instructions. You must be a Roll20 Pro account holder in order to perform these actions.

  1. Go to Github and open the RAW html and css files.
  2. Copy the html content from github.
  3. In your Roll20 game, go to the game settings and choose a custom character sheet.
  4. In the HTML tab of your game settings, paste the html code you just copied.
  5. Copy the css content from github.
  6. In the CSS tab of your game settings, paste the css code you just copied.
  7. Click Save.

Wiki Formatting

List of what certain text format means in this wiki

format meaning
bold character sheet tab name or other major section
italics tab section, usually with a black box label or shape frame
silver highlight field which is editable by the user
green highlight calculated fields, not editable by user
blue highlight calculated passive fields, not editable by user
green text calculated attribute
blue text calculated passive attribute
white text with red highlight pages within tabs to show more information
white text with blue highlight macros represented by buttons in the sheet, details found in Using Macros
code or formula
code to be used in macros or formulas of calculated fields

Character Sheet

The sheet has several tabs as shown in the image below. Each of the sections below go into detail about the information that should be placed in the various sections and tabs of the sheet. It will be noted whether the tab is particular to the individual Player sheet, NPC sheet, or common to both sheets.

See above section for the color or formatting used to represent fields and attributes in the sheet.

D&D 5e Shaped Sheet tabs


The Header is a common section of the Player and NPC sheets. It is at the top of the sheet and is always shown no matter which tab is active. It allows for general information with simple text entry fields save for a few. Then non calculated fields can be referenced by attribute but they are not used in any other calculations within the various tabs.

field description
Character Name changing the name in the Header or editing it in the Journal will replace it in both areas
Class character class(es)
Alignment character alignment
Languages known languages
Race character race
P PERC calculated passive perception
Blindisght blindsight radius if applicable; check blind beyond if appropriate
DarkVision darkvision radius if applicable
Background character background specification
LEVEL calculated total level which is sum of all the numbers entered in the Class Levels section of the Class tab
XP experience points


The Core page is the first tab of the sheet and is probably where the player will spend the most time. Not only does it contain information on character abilities, health, and initiative but it also has the ability to quickly access weapon and attack macros, spell slots, class resources, and conveniently add buffs and debuffs. It is available in both the Player and NPC options of the sheet. Hit Dice options

section field(s) usage and details
ABILITIES STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, CONSTITUTION, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, CHARISMA entering a value in the small oval will generate this modifier value based on the ability and any global bonuses in Settings tab
SAVING THROWS Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma check the box per row if the character has proficiency for the ability save; includes global bonuses from the BONUSES & PENALTIES section and in Settings tab; a tool tip is available by hovering over the ability in this section; clicking on the SAVING THROW [heart] macro button will roll the save in the chat window
ABILITY CHECKS same as above similar to ability saves but this is the ability check and does not apply proficiency, includes global bonuses from the BONUSES & PENALTIES section and in Settings tab; clicking on the ABILITY CHECK [check mark] macro button will roll the save in the chat window
SKILLS skill modifier, passive skill clicking the dash [—] at the beginning of each skill row will toggle through proficiency, marked by a plus [+] sign and expertise, marked by a double plus [++] sign, clicking on the Skill Check macro at the end of each row will roll the check in the chat window
Jack of All Trades select checkbox to apply the skill bonuses of this Bardic feature
Custom Skills grey button to allow the user to create custom skills; choose ability base and proficiency as in standard skills;includes Custom Skill Check macro
ARMOR CLASS ARMOR CLASS calculated field in Shield frame based on all the fields in the Armor tab;
INITIATIVE INITIATIVE calculated value based on the character's Dexterity Modifier and any global bonuses in the Settings tab; INITIATIVE macro requires that a token is selected unless the option is turned off in the Settings tab
SPEED SPEED, BURROW, CLIMB, FLY, SWIM user entered values; check the hover checkbox if this is applicable
HIT POINTS Current, Max, Temp fields in Heart frame, Current is usually linked to a bar on the token (see Linking Tokens to Journals); Max is based on the Class Levels section in the Class tab; Temp is used to track any temporary hit points for the character
INSPIRATION INSPIRATION toggled present indicated by a green plus [+] or absent indicated by a purple minus [-]
EXHAUSTION LEVEL EXHAUSTION LEVEL number indicating level of exhaustion; hovering over the black question mark [?] describes the levels in detail
HIT DICE d6, d8, d10, d12 selecting the HD buttons (see image above) will make visible that hit die; the user manually tracks the current value, the maximum value is based on Class Levels in Class tab; a HD macro is available to roll to regain hit points but this does NOT adjust current HD value
DEATH SAVES Successes, Failures the user can manually toggle the circles for counting the number of successes in green or failures in purple; pressing the red [X] will clear the rows; includes DEATH SAVE [heart] macro button for rolling the death save in the chat window; see Settings tab for whispering
BONUS & PENALTIES Atk, Dmg, Save DC, Saving Throws, AC, Ability/Skill Checks user entered fields to conveniently apply global bonuses; fields accept number or die rolls; tool tip with more details if hover over black question mark [?]
CLASS ACTIONS name, current, max, rest linked to the same information in the CLASS tab; includes CLASS ACTIONS macros; fields can be edited or toggled from the Core tab
CLASS RESOURCES name, current, max, rest linked to the same information in the CLASS tab; fields can be edited or toggled from the Core tab; more rows can be added or modified
QUICK ATTACKS name, Hit, Dmg die, Dmg [+] modifier, Ammo linked to the same information in the Weapons tab; includes QUICK ATTACK macros; name and damage die fields can be edited by double clicking in the field; ammo can be tracked by entering a value or clicking the arrows next to the field
RESISTANCES & IMMUNITIES Damage Vulnerabilities, Damage Resistances, Damage Immunities, Condition Immunities user entered fields for information only; particularly useful for NPC sheets




The Background tab is a Player Sheet specific tab and is not available in the NPC sheet. All fields accept text and while not used anywhere else in the sheet, can be referenced by attribute. It is mostly used for character documentation.

section field(s) usage and description
Appearance Gender, Size, Age, Height, Weight, Eyes, Skin, Hair information on the appearance of the character
Background and Race Info Background Features, Racial Traits, Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws information on the character such as that in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition official character sheet
Equipment Proficiencies Armor Proficiencies, Weapon Proficiencies, Tool Proficiencies information to be entered on the abilities of the character to use certain items
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous information not captured by other sections




The Inventory tab allows for a character to keep track of money, items, and weight. It is only available in the Player sheet.

section field(s) usage and description
Coin Carried CP, SP, EP, GP, GP amount of each type of coin carried;
Total GP Value calculated sum of coin carried converted into gold using conversion values in Settings tab; default 5th Edition unless otherwise specified
Weight Inventory, Coin, Other, Total calculated weights based on Inventory and Coin Carried sections (assumes 50 coins per pound); Other is custom weight from another source; Total is the sum of all the weights
Carrying Max, Push/Drag/Lift, Encumbered, H. Encumbered calculated carrying and encumbered weights based on 5th Edition rules
Inventory weight per row pulldown box to calculate weights based on single item or total of each row
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Show All selected page is darker red and shows 15 inventory slots per page; Show All shows all pages at once
Carried?, Qty, Name, Weight, Description user entered values; affects weight in sections above depending on weight per row pull down
Treasure/Loot Inventory Notes miscellaneous information to be entered that could not be captured in the above sections

Traits & Actions

NPC sheet only


Show All

The Show All tab allows all the previous tabs to be shown at once. Selecting this tab will stack in order from left to right the tabs and list them from top to bottom. The window can then be scrolled down to see or edit any and all the information of the various tabs.

Attributes and Macros

Using Attributes

An attribute is a reference to a value inherent to the character. The simplest example is the character's strength but a more complex example is the character's attack modifier for a particular weapon or a skill check modifier taking into account expertise. The attributes within a sheet can be used to create custom macros for or by the players. Note that not only values can be used in macros but text attributes can be used as well.

The Attributes section of the wiki has valuable information on using attributes within macros. To use the Shaped Character Sheet attributes the syntax is:


where name is the name of the character sheet, not the token. You can also use selected or target in place of name. This is a core functionality of Roll20 and is described in their appropriate wiki sections.

If the attribute is calculated then it will need to be used within an inline roll or the attribute will be listed as its formula and not actually calculated. Incidentally, using a calculated attribute outside of an inline roll is a way to determine its parts. An example syntax of using a calculated attribute is:


Calculated attributes are noted as such and listed as green text in the following sections.

Using Macros

The Shaped sheet has various macros available for use by the player. These are noted by dark blue clickable buttons usually containing a white image of a die but there are white heart images for saves and white check mark images for skill checks. Each of these macros has a name which can be called alone or as part of another macro. Note that the macros in the Shaped sheet are utilizing the 5e Roll Template also embedded in the sheet. Calling the macro will output the macro in its roll template format. More details about the Roll Template can be seen in its section.

The macros section of the Roll20 wiki has valuable information on using macros in general. To use the Shaped Character Sheet macros the syntax is:


where name is the name of the character sheet, not the token. You can also use selected or target in place of name. This is a core functionality of Roll20 and is described in their appropriate wiki sections.

Sheet Provided Macros

The sheet provides a macro for all saving throws and another for all ability/skill checks via drop down Roll Query. They can currently be referenced as below:


(Replace "name" with the name of your Character.)


Core Stats


ability ability bonus ability modifier (calculated)
strength strength_bonus strength_mod
dexterity dexterity_bonus dexterity_mod
constitution constitution_bonus constitution_mod
intelligence intelligence_bonus intelligence_mod
wisdom wisdom_bonus wisdom_mod
charisma charisma_bonus charisma_mod

Ability Checks

check bonus check modifier (calculated) check macro
basic_strength_bonus basic_strength_check_mod Basic_Strength_Check
basic_dexterity_bonus basic_dexterity_check_mod Basic_Dexterity_Check
basic_constitution_bonus basic_constitution_check_mod Basic_Constitution_Check
basic_intelligence_bonus basic_intelligence_check_mod Basic_Intelligence_Check
basic_wisdom_bonus basic_wisdom_check_mod Basic_Wisdom_Check
basic_charisma_bonus basic_charisma_check_mod Basic_Charisma_Check

Ability Saving Throws

save bonus save modifier (calculated) save macro
strength_save_bonus strength_save_mod Strength_Save
dexterity_save_bonus dexterity_save_mod Dexterity_Save
constitution_save_bonus constitution_save_mod Constitution_Save
intelligence_save_bonus intelligence_save_mod Intelligence_Save
wisdom_save_bonus wisdom_save_mod Wisdom_Save
charisma_save_bonus charisma_save_mod Charisma_Save


skill modifier skill proficiency skill bonus skill (calculated) skill check macro
acrobatics_attribute acrobatics_prof_exp acrobatics_bonus acrobatics Acrobatics_Check
animalhandling_attibute animalhandling_prof_exp animalhandling_bonus animalhandling AnimalHandling_Check
arcana_attribute arcana_prof_exp arcana_bonus arcana Arcana_Check
athletics_attribute athletics_prof_exp athletics_bonus athletics Athletics_Check
deception_attribute deception_prof_exp deception_bonus athletics Deception_Check
history_attribute history_prof_exp history_bonus history History_Check
insight_attribute insight_prof_exp insight_bonus insight Insight_Check
intimidation_attribute intimidation_prof_exp intimidation_bonus intimidation Intimidation_Check
investigation_attribute investigation_prof_exp investigation_bonus investigation Investigation_Check
medicine_attribute medicine_prof_exp medicine_bonus medicine Medicine_Check
nature_attribute nature_prof_exp nature_bonus nature Nature_Check
perception_attribute perception_prof_exp perception_bonus perception Perception_Check
performance_attribute performance_prof_exp performance_bonus performance Performance_Check
persuasion_attribute persuasion_prof_exp persuasion_bonus persuasion Persuasion_Check
religion_attribute religion_prof_exp religion_bonus religion Religion_Check
sleightofhand_attribute sleightofhand_prof_exp sleightofhand_bonus sleightofhand SleightOfHand_Check
stealth_attribute stealth_prof_exp stealth_bonus stealth Stealth_Check
survival_attribute survival_prof_exp survival_bonus survival Survival_Check
custom_skill_1_attribute custom_skill_1_prof_exp custom_skill_1_bonus custom_skill_1 Custom_Skill_1
custom_skill_2_attribute custom_skill_2_prof_exp custom_skill_2_bonus custom_skill_2 Custom_Skill_2
custom_skill_3_attribute custom_skill_3_prof_exp custom_skill_3_bonus custom_skill_3 Custom_Skill_3
custom_skill_4_attribute custom_skill_4_prof_exp custom_skill_4_bonus custom_skill_4 Custom_Skill_4

Passive Skill

passive skill bonus passive skill (calculated)
acrobatics_passive_bonus passive_acrobatics
animalhandling_passive_bonus passive_animalhandling
arcana_passive_bonus passive_arcana
athletics_passive_bonus passive_athletics
deception_passive_bonus passive_deception
history_passive_bonus passive_history
insight_passive_bonus passive_insight
intimidation_passive_bonus passive_intimidation
investigation_passive_bonus passive_investigation
medicine_passive_bonus passive_medicine
nature_passive_bonus passive_nature
perception_passive_bonus passive_perception
performance_passive_bonus passive_performance
persuasion_passive_bonus passive_persuasion
religion_passive_bonus passive_religion
sleightofhand_passive_bonus passive_sleightofhand
stealth_passive_bonus passive_stealth
survival_passive_bonus passive_survival
custom_skill_1_passive_bonus passive_custom_skill_1
custom_skill_2_passive_bonus passive_custom_skill_2
custom_skill_3_passive_bonus passive_custom_skill_3
custom_skill_4_passive_bonus passive_custom_skill_4


initiative bonus initiative (calculated) initiative macro
initiative initiative_overall Initiative



The Melee Weapons section of the Weapons tab allows for seven weapons to be described. In each of these attributes the 0 can be replaced by any of the number according to your sheet.

repeating_weapons_melee_0_weapon macro

@{output_option} &{template:5eDefault} {{attack_roll=1}} {{character_name=@{character_name}}} @{show_character_name} {{title=@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_name}}} {{melee=1}} @{classactionmeleeweapon} {{attack=[[d20cs>@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_crit_range}@{d20_mod} + @{repeating_weapons_melee_0_to_hit} + (@{global_weapon_attack_bonus}) + (@{global_melee_attack_bonus})]]}} {{attackadv=[[d20cs>@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_crit_range}@{d20_mod} + @{repeating_weapons_melee_0_to_hit} + (@{global_weapon_attack_bonus}) + (@{global_melee_attack_bonus})]]}} {{targetAC=@{attacks_vs_target_ac}}} {{targetName=@{attacks_vs_target_name}}} {{reach=@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_reach}}} {{action_damage=[[@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_dmg} + @{repeating_weapons_melee_0_dmg_total} + (@{global_weapon_damage_bonus}) + (@{global_melee_damage_bonus}) + 0d0]]}} {{action_damage_type=@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_dmg_type}}} {{can_crit=1}} {{action_crit_damage=[[@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_dmg} + (@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_bonus_crit_dmg} * @{repeating_weapons_melee_0_toggle_crit_bonus}) + 0d0]]}} {{action_crit_damage_adv=[[@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_dmg} + (@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_bonus_crit_dmg} * @{repeating_weapons_melee_0_toggle_crit_bonus}) + 0d0]]}} {{action_second_crit_damage=[[@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_second_dmg} + 0d0]]}} {{action_second_crit_damage_adv=[[@{repeating_weapons_melee_0_second_dmg} + 0d0]]}}

Note the melee weapon macros are serially numbered starting from 0

melee weapon macro


ranged weapon macro




class actions macro
continues in sequence



Traits & Actions

NPC sheet only

Note the action macros start at 0

Type Macro
Action 1 repeating_actions_0_action
Action 2 repeating_actions_1_action
Action 3 repeating_actions_2_action
continues in sequence


Roll Template

Information on using general roll templates can be found at the Roll20 wiki.

The Shaped Character Sheet for 5e Roll Template is described by the following syntax

&{template:5eDefault} {{field=value}} {{...}} ...

The table below describes the fields, their values, and their effect. The field and value must be set equal and enclosed in curly brackets as illustrated above. Certain fields require that other fields are present and have values. Below is a guide to what the types of values the fields can have.

value meaning
empty value not required in order to force field presence
1 typically used to force field presence but can actually be anything
any indicates typical value is text but value can be anything
die roll value is typically an inline die roll but value can be anything

The following code illustrates these values and shows the result

&{template:5eDefault} {{character_name=@{character_name}}} {{title=grey banner}} {{subheader=subheader}} {{subheaderright=right}} {{subheader2=subheader 2}} {{subheaderright2=right}} {{targetName=target}} {{emote=this is the emote}} {{freetextname=freetext name}} {{freetext=this is a the freetext output}} {{rollname=roll}} {{roll=[[d20]]}} {{rolladv=[[d20]]}}
General Roll Template

General Formatting Fields

field value required field effect
missing banner field grey banner
weapon 1 green banner
action 1 green banner
spell 1 purple banner
ability 1 teal banner
save 1 red banner
deathsave 1 black banner
title any value as title in banner
character_name any show_character_name value in subheader
subheader any value as subheader in banner
subheaderright any subheader value as right subheader
subheader2 any value as second subheader in banner
subheaderright2 any subheader2 value as right second subheader
targetName any "vs." value in subheader of banner
emote any framed value as emote at top of template
freetext any generic row with label freetextname
freetextname any freetext generic row with value as row label
roll die roll generic row for a roll with label rollname and value as output
rollname any roll generic roll with value as row label
rolladv die roll roll generic advantage roll with value as output
outputall will apply and show any or all of title, subheader, subheaderright, subheader2, subheaderright2, emote, weapon, spell, ability, save, deathsave

Action Fields

field value required field effect
action_type "Melee" or "Ranged" action value in subheader
reach any action value in subheader
range any action value in subheader
ammo any ranged value in subheader
target any action value in subheader
attack die roll "Attack" row with value as output
attackadv die roll attack value as advantage output in "Attack" row
targetAC attack value as selected token in "Attack" row
action_damage die roll "Damage" row and value as output
action_damage_type any action_damage value as type in "Damage" row
action_alt_damage die roll action_damage value as alternative damage in "Damage" row
action_alt_damage_reason any action_damage value as alternative reason in "Damage" row
action_second_damage die roll action_damage value as additional damage in "Damage" row
action_second_damage_type any action_damage, action_second_damage value as type in "Damage" row
can_crit 1 required for action critical hits
action_crit_damage die roll attack value as output in "Crit Dmg" row
action_alt_crit_damage die roll attack value as alternative damage in "Crit Dmg" row
action_second_crit_damage die roll attack value as additional damage in "Crit Dmg" row
save_condition any "Save Condition" row with value as output
save_dc any "Save" row with value as DC
action_save_stat any save_dc value as save type in "Save" row
save_damage die roll "Damage" row with value as output
save_damage_type any save_damage value as damage type in "Damage" row
save_second_damage die roll "Damage" row with value as output
save_second_damage_type any save_damage, save_second_damage value as damage type in "Damage" row
save_success any "Save Success" row with value as output
save_failure any "Save Failure" row with value as output
recharge any "Recharge" row with value as output

Spell Fields

To incorporate spell attacks and damage, use action fields.

field value required field effect
spellfriendlylevel any spell value in subheader
spell_cast_as_level any spell level the spell is actually cast at (for higher level query stuff)
spellschool any spell value in subheader
range any spell value in subheader
spell_components_verbal 1 spell "V" in subheader
spell_components_somatic 1 spell "S" in subheader
spell_components_material 1 spell "M" in subheader
spell_casting_time any spell value in subheader
spellduration any spell value in subheader
spellsource any spell value in subheader
spellconcentration 1 thought bubble icon as right subheader
spellritual 1 flame icon as right subheader
spellgainedfrom any "Gained From" row with value as output
spelldescription any "Spell Description" row with value as output
target any spell "Target" row with value as output
aoe any "AoE" row with value as output
spellhealing die roll "Healing" row with value as HP healed
effects any "Effect" row with value as output
spellhigherlevel any "At Higher Levels" row with value as output

Multi Attack Fields

field value required field effect
multiattack 1 required for all multi attack fields
mattack1 die roll multiattack "Attack1" row with value as output
mattack1adv die roll mattack1 value as advantage attack in "Attack1" row
targetAC mattack1 target token AC value in "Attack1" row
mdamage1 die roll multiattack "Damage1" row with value as output
mcritdamage1 die roll mattack1 "Crit1" or "Crit1 (adv)" row with value as output
mattack2, mattack2adv, mdamage2, mcritdamage2, ..., mattack5, mattack5adv, mdamage5, mcritdamage5