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DnD5e Shaped Character Sheet

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The D&D5E (Shaped) was created by Mark Lenser, but is no longer actively maintained.



  • High performance sheet without the lag of old versions (100% sheet workers)
  • Styling that matches the 5e paper sheet
  • Compendium Integration for NPCs, Spells, Weapons, Armor, Equipment
  • Module conversion from official Sheet Modules like LMoP, Volo's Guide, and the Monster Manual are converted from the official sheet format to the Shaped format.
  • NPC actions and traits are parsed and clickable. The text on the sheet and in the output macro will adjust if you adjust an ability score.
  • Customizable skills with the option to change the ability on the fly
  • Spells with the option to cast at a higher level
  • Filters to limit which spells are displayed
  • Chat macros that are kept in sync with the contents of the sheet. Ability Checks, Saving Throws, Attacks, Actions, Stablock, etc.
  • Critical damage is automatically calculated with the possibility of selecting features like brutal critical or houserules that critical hits do maximum dice damage plus the normal damage.
  • Classes automatically select proficiencies (Weapon, Armor, Tools, Saving Throws) and class features.
  • Customizable Classes - Change Name, HD, or spellcasting level of the classes
  • Translations
  • Armor Covers normal armor as well as unarmored ability cases like monk, barbarian, etc.
  • Equipment with gold and weight automatically calculated. Equipment Items are clickable from the core page for items like Potion of Healing
  • Settings for how to output all rolls, death saves, initiative, etc
  • Roll settings to choose to always roll with advantage, disadvantage, or query for both
  • Optional bonuses to all skills, abilities, saving throws, etc.
  • Attachers can be used to remind yourself to add to saving throws while within 10 feet of your paladin

How to Update the sheet yourself (as Pro)

2022/01/17 NOTE: This sheet is no longer maintained or updated by MLenser and the links in this section are not the most up to date version of the sheet. For now the most up to date sheet will be the one in the roll20 dropdown.

The version of the sheet in the Roll20 drowdown menu isn't always up to date with the latest version of the sheet, but Pro-users can download the latest version directly from the source, using these steps.

1. In Roll20, go to Campaign Settings and set Custom' as your character sheet option.

2. Choose "D&D 5E" as the Compendium

3. Copy the HTML from GitHub

4. In the HTML tab, paste the HTML code.

5. Copy the CSS from GitHub

6. On Roll20 in the CSS tab, paste the CSS code.

7. Copy the translation from the appropriate file on GitHub (en is English, fr is French, de is German, it is Italian, etc)

8. On Roll20 in the Translation tab paste the JSON from the appropriate file.

9. Hit save.


If you appreciate what the author does and want to compensate him for the countless hours that he have spent building this character sheet, feel free to support him on Patreon or Paypal (

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