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Dynamic Lighting

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Roll20 currently have two Dynamic Lighting systems, which are not interchangeable.


Legacy Dynamic Lighting

Legacy Dynamic Lighting(LDL) is the original system, previous refereed to as just "Dynamic Lighting", and is what people talk about in any guides or videos made before April 2020. It will eventually be removed when UDL is good enough.

Roll20 have announced that LDL will be retired on May 18th 2021. More info: Roll20-logo.png(Blog)

Updated Dynamic Lighting

Updated Dynamic Lighting(UDL) is the new DL system Roll20 have been working on to develop as a replacement for LDL, and it was first made available in May 2020, and as of Jan 2021, still have some

  • UDL's equivalent to AFoW is called Explorer Mode

General Info

On both Tokens and the Page Toolbar, the setting for LDL and UDL are on separate pages, as not to confuse people.

With Update 1.0, they also emphasized that "We will still support Legacy Lighting for a while, but we feel it’s only fair to let you know that we will be deprecating our support for the Legacy system sometime in the future. " No timeline for phased out LDL was announced.

Roll20 have said that we will get at least three months' notice before LDL is removed.[1]


Some API, such as TokenMod, support both LDL and UDL. There are still some UDL settings that API cant currently access.

Check API:Script_Index#Dynamic_Lighting for list of some API that focuses on DL.

A number of API automatically detect which DL is used, and acts accordingly.