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Forum Posting

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The Roll20 Community Forums are provided to allow the community to ask questions, help each other solve problems, and discuss the use of Roll20. (See the Code of Conduct for proper use rules.)

How to Post

  1. To post to the Forums you must be logged in to Roll20.
    • If you are logged in, you will see a message in the upper right corner that says Welcome, <your name>.
    • If you see Sign In ▾:
  2. View the Full Forum by clicking the View Forum » link to the right of the forum name.
  3. Click the Post New Topic button at the top right of the Forum's main page.
  4. Add a descriptive Topic Title and fill in the body of your post, then click Post Topic to submit your post.
    • Note: If you made an error in the body of your post, you can edit it by clicking the post and selecting the Edit option just below the title. Be sure to click Save Edits when you are done!

Where to Post

There are several different forums you may have access to, each with it's own purpose.

Name Purpose Type
Specific Use Questions A place to ask for general help using Roll20. Questions about how to use features, how to write dice expressions, how to create macros, etc. are all appropriate for here. Standard Forum
General On-Topic A place to discuss ways of using Roll20's features, market place contents, clever mechanics using Roll20 for various games. Standard Forum
Suggestions & Ideas A place to post suggestions for the Roll20 Development staff to consider and the community to discuss and support. This is a voting forum, and has special rules regarding how to post, see the Forum Voting FAQ for more information. When posting a new suggestion, be sure to look and see if others have already posted a similar suggestion, and consider commenting and support it instead. Voting Forum
Bug Reports & Technical Issues If you're having a problem with Roll20 that is an actual technical issue, post your problem here. be sure to read the Submitting Bug Reports: Read First post before creating your thread. Standard Forum
Mentors If you have subscribed at the Mentor level, you have access to the Mentor forum. Upcoming features and possible changes get posted and discussed here by the Roll20 staff. Mentors often discuss the general application of advanced features here as well. Mentors Premium
API Discussion of the Javascript API, requests for particular scripts, API related error (caused by scripts) help, script releases, etc. Be sure to take advantage of the Code format option when posting javascript. Note: Macros are not the same thing as API scripts. Macro questions belong in the Specific Use Question forum. Standard Forum
Character Sheets Discussion of the HTML/CSS character sheets, requests for sheets of a particular system, release of new sheets for Mentors to test, etc. Standard Forum
Looking for Group Posts looking for players for a game, or looking for someone to run a game for your group. You should prefer the Looking for Group Tool over the forum, as it has many advantages or a simple forum post. Standard Forum

Formatting a Post

When posting on the Forums, you have several formatting options at your disposal. Generally, you can get away with just posting raw text as you write it, but there are some times when formatting can help get your point across more clearly.

When posting Macros, Dice Expressions, or API Code Snippets, consider using the Code format option, available by clicking the paragraph symbol ( ¶ ) and selecting it from the list.