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The Roll20 Wiki is intended to serve as a community resource for help and documentation as well as tips and tricks for best using Roll20 with your tabletop games. We welcome community contributions and would love for you to help us create the best resource we can for your fellow Roll20 users!

That said, there are a few things we actively discourage at this time:

  • The wiki is for content that the entire community will find useful. Please don't use it to post information relevant to a specific game/Campaign that you are running.
  • The pages in the Docs Category (listed on the front-page on the left-hand side) are only to contain factual information on official Roll20 functionality. Feel free to create additional pages outside that category for workarounds and other non-official tips.
  • Please do not use wiki pages to lobby for changes to Roll20 features. That's what the Suggestions forum is for. Talk pages should only be used to discuss changes that need to be made to the wiki page itself or to clarify existing functionality.

Using the Wiki

If you're new to the MediaWiki software that we're utilizing (the same used to power Wikipedia), u can view a lot of helpful information on it here.

Macros and other Code Snippets

If you want to share Macros, complicated dice rolls, or CSS and HTML code, it might be a good idea to put your examples inside <pre> tags.

A messy example:
/roll 2d5+@{attribute|max}+4d4
The 4d4 here is supposed to be surrounded by square brackets, but they disappear if they're left naked to WikiMedia's markup conventions. Worse still, in this case, markup attempts to link it to non-existent page called "4d4".

This looks cleaner (and appears precisely as written) when surrounded by <pre> tags:

/roll 2d5+@{attribute|max}+[[4d4]]

For inline notes and asides you can use <code> tags to embellish things like /roll 3d10 or #macroname.

See also WikiMedia's documentation on formatting tags.